Nike Air Max 2010 WMNS

It is known that the shoe brand always design many shoes , while they didn`t launch all the shoes . Actually , there are many shoes are very nice . However , they don`t have the chance to be launched in public  . Next , I would like to show you a pair of beautiful shoes that was unreleased . The shoe is Nike Air Max 2010 , and it is designed for the ladies .

This pair of  Nike Air Max 2010 WMNS was not able to pass any standard due to some valid reasons , so it remained to be a sample unit . And yet we are just curious and at the same time excited to learn how it is being constructed so here is a brief description . Basically , the upper is done up in metallic silver leather mudguard with gray mesh mid-panel featuring multiple flywire belts with hot pink threading . Inside is a bright hot pink-infused liner that matches the full-length Max Air unit .

In my opinion , this pair of  WMNS Nike Air Max 2010 is really very nice , and I like it so much ! Unfortunately , it is only a sample . I believe most of ladies are very sad . We hope the nice shoe can be launched in some day .

Nike WMNS Air Max 2010   Sample


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