Nike SB P-Rod 2.5 Olive Green Black white for sale

In recent time,The Nike SB P-Rod 2.5 with Olive Green,black and white color scheme will be brought to us.It is likely that some pairs of P-Rod shoe makes use of the traditional design,but some pairs of them also adopts the attractive design.The commom thing is that these shoes keep its origin.

You can make comparison with the P-rod 4 and 2.5 shoe,the Nike SB P-Rod 2.5  embraces its uniwue design.It  is a bag of suede mixed greens with a peppering of black suede on the swoosh and tongue. A white vulcanized sole helps this one stand out along with the white laces and both elements give the Nike SB P-Rod 2.5 fashion elements.

The Nike SB P-Rod 2.5 wtih Olive Green colorways makes the nice shoe sodifferent..At the key time,If you want to obtain one pair of nice shoe like this,you must take action fron now on.Seeing is believing.



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