Womens Nike Dunk High in Plum / Emerald

The Nike Dunk shoes are famous for being one of the most classic shoes of all time . Shoe industry has been changed by the Nike Dunks in various ways so that when you get them you will get more than a shoe , but  a piece of history as well . Today I have one pair of  Womens Nike Dunk High to share with you .

This pair of Women’s Nike Dunk High comes in a really unique type of colorway , that `s really refreshing and cool . The colors include plum and emerald colorway , with a unique dot / in which prominent spots on the upper bracket . This base is made of white on white combo with mesh side panel . Midsole in black for contrast and complement nicely the entire base , while the laces are a darker shade of gray . Additionally , the heel section of the mesh material makes the Women’s Nike Dunk High even lighter and allows for improved breathability .

It is a pity that we have not been given the specific released date of the Women’s Nike Dunk High . Once we get the news , we will let you know .

Nike Womens Dunk High - Plum / Emerald - Dot Stain Print


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