Adidas Forum Mid Beige white “Crafts” pack

This pair of Adidas Forum Mid is part of a “Crafts” pack to be realesed  for the first time Adiddas.It is true that Addias has many  new shoes in the summer like Nike.So we’ll see more information about nice shoes.

From pictures, we know that Adidas Forum Mid “craft” makes use of high quatity to create new images for us.Rich, premium materials and textures were used for this adidas classic.Beige premium leather upper is in the majority, and hints of tan-shade, canvas, the material recorded on the toe and heel area of the panel side panels.Finally, inside linng goes well with blue color as a tool for blocking minimum total of Adidas Forum Mid “Crafts” shoe.

It is learned that the new Adidas Forum Mid will arrive on the market now and more “Craft” pack shoes will come in the future.If you are a fan of Adidas, it is another chance for you.

adidas Crafts Pack



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