Nike Air Max 95 Black Crocodile Edition

Crocodile, you should have heard about, our impressions of it come mainly from some movie or television works, a group of cattle quiet water near the river and rest, the crocodile suddenly dramatically progress, cow’s teeth strictly one, suddenly dead cow, the total cattle panic and run away, so we had a crocodile on the understanding that ferocious and brutal.images of the Nike brand with crocodiles force pro-create this Nike Air Max 95 Black Crocodile Edition.

Nike Air Max 95 black crocodile version, all the shoes were a different color, quiet black.The material was chosen pure black leather and crocodile skin lines are two kinds of crust.As the bark of selected premium leather, so bright, it looks odd luxury.The reason for the pair of Nike Air Max 95 called black crocodile version is designed shoes, leather bellows design highlighted crocodile wild and rough appearance and combined with Air Max hard bottom shoes and the huge crocodiles body has a striking similarity.

NikeAir Max 95 black crocodile version is not afraid can not choose, for fear that he set, and do not want to take off, especially men strong atmospheric.

Nike Air Max 95 Black Crocodile Edition


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