Nike Air Force 1 Hi Foamposite version

Version of the Foamposite Nike Air Force 1 is not listed, yet Babel has been generating, I think this year based on its simplicity and design maverick, sure, the big list of Year 2010 will become a frequent visitor War Boots list.

Although this pair of military boots style still remains the Air Force 1 Hi Behavior, Nike Air Force 1 Hi Foamposite upper version to make full use of metallic silver Foamposite building material carefully, because it seems very common sense tech.However, the permeability will be reduced.A rear heel Air Max unit carried pillows provide comfort.The Nike Air Force 1 Foamposite version also equipped with a crystal outer soles, no doubt tribute to the Italian Air Foamposite One.

Now, we have announced Nike Air Force 1 Hi Foamposite version 14 launch date is August, but now is known marqueesole hot book stores, if you are a person who knows shoes, then you do not miss the chance.





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