Air Jordan Classic 91 black and white version

Jordan Classic 91 black and white models are now in Japan, the first market to classic black and white appearance, it can easily capture the hearts of many people.Combined with full black icon, a classic match, how they can be submerged in the complex sea of shoes.

As the picture shows this pair Air Jordan Classic 91 war shoe was white / black color, the upper part used black suede material that formed very conspicuous.In addition, Jordan Classic 91 also perform solo in the middle of the white, then black-figured large sloe phase contrast.See photos, your confidence is back.

The new big screen 10 years, NBA shoes before the opening battle of the king, first 91 mysteries Naikijodankurashikku black patent leather version at that time, unfortunately open, from the reaction plane, which Shoes do not cause the attention of many fans as.But today, we recommend this new black / white color nike Jordan Classic 91 must be able to make your broken heart, opening new market opportunities miracle.

Air Jordan Classic 91

Air Jordan Classic 91


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