perfect visual banquet Air Jordan VI Bulls

This pair of shoes fight Air Jordan VI “took advantage”, above all is embellished with white and red and black and white.Air Jordan VI ‘Bulls “have been news about publicity for the launch, but if it was the appetite of fans hanging shoe, still no news, we can only see a picture to solve thirst.

This time the shoe king of the NBA battle to receive exclusive tip, visible in this picture / red and white – black Air JordanVI will also be launched is available at the end of this year, shoes capable as reputation “” Bulls, I believe a friend who has known shoes.The following are the king of shoes fight NBA first time in public the perfect visual feast, I do not know as opposed to next Saturday to meet with you the shoes that section even better, let’s wait and see.

Nowadays most of the shoe fans emotions were boiling messages that are used on site is limited to “Oreo” nike Jordan VI will blow the scene on March 20, but the large Air Jordan VI  fans, the most fun is not all.

Air Jordan VI Bulls


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