Nike Blazer Low “Quilted”history the most delicate dunk Shoes

Following the previous ongoing purple / silver, red / gold navy / gold and a set of “Quilted” Blazer, this time again is tailored specifically for women measuring Nike Blazer Low“Quilted”suit  fit to face us he allows his photographs.

Recently, Nike shoes for his legendary fights Blazer in “quilted satin” shoe-design style, filled introduced the Nike Blazer Low“Quilted”suit, known in the history of the most sensitive of Dunk Shoes, so that the majority of the shoe fans excited strongly interest.

With the digital display, Nike dunksBlazer Low“Quilted”suit bag full on every pair of jacket, quilted design is completely.Among them, the first dual-use primer pink satin silver decoration and quilting lines on the background.Second pair is used sour orange satin padding and in accordance with contrasting stripes of gold-plated.

Finally, Nike dunks Blazer Low“Quilted”suit adapted two pairs of shoes, all fitted with white vulcanized rubber one, very fresh and agile, so you have love at first sight.It is the first choice of summer cool wet shoes.

Nike Blazer Low“Quilted”suit

Nike Blazer Low“Quilted”suit


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