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perfect visual banquet Air Jordan VI Bulls

This pair of shoes fight Air Jordan VI “took advantage”, above all is embellished with white and red and black and white.Air Jordan VI ‘Bulls “have been news about publicity for the launch, but if it was the appetite of fans hanging shoe, still no news, we can only see a picture to solve thirst.

This time the shoe king of the NBA battle to receive exclusive tip, visible in this picture / red and white – black Air JordanVI will also be launched is available at the end of this year, shoes capable as reputation “” Bulls, I believe a friend who has known shoes.The following are the king of shoes fight NBA first time in public the perfect visual feast, I do not know as opposed to next Saturday to meet with you the shoes that section even better, let’s wait and see.

Nowadays most of the shoe fans emotions were boiling messages that are used on site is limited to “Oreo” nike Jordan VI will blow the scene on March 20, but the large Air Jordan VI  fans, the most fun is not all.

Air Jordan VI Bulls


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Nike Air Force 1 “Hamptons”

At toecap There are many small holes that can provide breathability.Can in order to fulfill the theme Nike Air Force 1 Hamptons, designers have specially designed a letter “H” on the tongue of the shoe.

Recently, Nike released a new product which is an Nike Air Force 1 Hamptons.The shoes in the picture is.Now, let us know more details about the.From the picture we know that in addition to points on the shoes, Nike Air Force1 Hamptons used all white, it seemed that this particular pair of shoes are ready for summer.In addition, there are also some letters in the air cusion.

It has been found that the price of Nike Air Force1 Hamptons is 125 U.S.dollars, and the specific release date is August 1, 2010.If you’re fond of, do not miss.

Nike Air Force 1 Hamptons

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Air Jordan 9 White / Black / Blue series

The shoes you see in the picture below is the Air Jordan 9 which is white / black / blue.Although this seems to be the replica of the “Blue Rose / Blue” Air Jordan IX which were published in 1993, also has many unique individuality.

I believe that the real shoe funs will embrace the new king with great enthusiasm.Now let `s enjoy the image of Air Jordan 9 together.

For example, changes in the most important thing is that blue eye-taking replaced the pink blue.Blue.In addition, there is little difference between the Nike Jordan  Air 9 and the “blue Pink / Blue” Air Jordan IX.And signs black trapeze is very different to the original base.

Air Jordan 9

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Nike dunk high canvas version

Nike uppers embellishs blue sneakers dunk is so popular in recent boots.Nike has released two pairs of “Monochromatic Nike dunk  high canvas on the topic of canvas shoe NBA as King, which has a color solod.Next I would like to introduce this new Nike dunk high canvas shoes, which is quite similar to the former.But colris more clear than the former.

The second Nike dunk  shoe is based on navy blue canvas and double mix of leather, then decorated with silhouettes against the yellow.By the end, two pairs of shoes features a white midsole and large rubber sole that is very expressive and agile.

Hope you can love two Nike dunk high canvas shoes.Please look at the images that continental.

Nike dunk high canvas

Nike dunk high canvas

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Nike Air Max Lebron VII PS 2010 “MVP” version

In ealier time we have seen the Nike Air Max Lebron VII PS special edition.At this time, Nike once again to open a couple more LeBron VII MVP award pending.Now we can see the details.

This pair of  Nike Air Max Lebron VII PS adopted a model of one pair of shoes Lebron sigunature.In general, the shoe is similar to the Air Max Lebron VII, but only to approach the change of air only and sole transparent, with the ink in the details.The tongue on the back has a symbolic MVP Award 10:09 with the pattern.Is this leared Jmes LeBron VII is specially designed for Lebron Championship.

Whether this pair of  Nike Air Max Lebron VII PS will be on sale in publich, we expect more useful inoformation.

 Nike Air Max Lebron VII PS 2010   Nike Air Max Lebron VII PS 2010



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Nike Sportswear Perforated Leather Pack brings a very refreshing feeling

Well-known sports brand Nike Sportswear launch Perforated Leather Pack leather in summer 2010.

Nike sportsvear, recently, published perforated leather pack series, including the Air Force1, nike dunksHi Och and Air Talkie other three pairs popular shoes, due to aingle and same color, so we call it pure color series.

Nike Sportswear Perforated Leather Pack each section using a white leather as the upper material uppers are covered with fine small hole as its properties, in addition to every pair of shoes on the top of the Nike logo elegant white leather for all details, especially to love simple and elegant shoes friends can not put down.

So simple design in the hot summer day provides a very refreshing feeling.A series of leather shoes will be Perforated Leather Pack in the near future, the Nike Sportswear store in the world officially for sale, if you like, urged caution.

Nike Sportswear Perforated Leather Pack


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Nike Air Max LeBron VIII

Recently, Nike has a new Nike Air Max shoes LeBron VIII Us.Let `s learn more about the shoes.

The Nike Air Max LeBron VIII for the top design, such as patent leather, white leather, and has been, and carbon fiber Flywire technology and use.Shoes language in use is designed Nike Cyclone.Consists of the toe of the tongue by the carved images do not.23 lion crown.

The figure shows that the ankle of  Nike Air MaxLebron VIII is higher than LeBron VII.In addition, Air Max shoes Nike Air Max cushioning used.

As if you do not miss that, Nike Air Max LeBron VIII soon be listed, the learning.

Nike Air Max LeBron VIII Nike Air Max LeBron VIII Nike
Nike Air Max LeBron VIII

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