Inter-core cold-shouldered sarcasm Real Madrid: witn Arjen Robben reunion in Champions League Final


Recently, the mainstream media in Europe, in the Chinese regional forum, there has been such a story. Last summer, Real Madrid off Robben, Sneijder two, the two have together pledged to the move, the team led by their rendezvous at the Bernabeu for the Champions League final, in this way to tell the world Real Madrid abandon the practice of how stupid they are. This story is true?

Before a news conference, a reporter asked the question: “I dream about the Champions League final against Bayern Munich, Inter Milan is. If so, you and Arjen Robben will be what to say to each other?” Sneijder laughed, he replied: “I’ve been dreaming of the Champions League final, but Inter Milan against Real Madrid.”

It is worth mentioning that, recently, Italian, German media are hot: If Inter (Bayern) to win the Champions League, the Dutch team’s performance at the World Cup even better than Argentina, so Sneijder (Robben ) may from Macy hands away this year’s Golden Globes. For these discussions, Sneijder, Robben chose a low profile. Sneijder said: “I am Bi Meixi strong? I laughed, I do not think anyone can be compared and Messi! He is today the best football player. Inter Milan player did not like Messi, we only have a strong overall . “Robben said:” Messi is the world’s best player, he was much stronger than me. the world, there are other great players, such as C Lo, but Messi second to none. only he can achieve that level … … ”

Although Sneijder and Robben are very low key, but obviously, in their mind’s ambition would not be any change.


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