40 +8 +8 James distal explosion Cavaliers total score 2-0 Bulls

NBA playoffs continue, in the Knight series with the Bulls in the second game, with LeBron – James outstanding performance in the fourth quarter, Cavaliers to 112-102 victory over the Bulls finally, made the big score 2 – 0 lead.

Four Knights scored in double figures, James scored 15 points in the fourth quarter, finished with 40 points, 8 rebounds and 8 assists. Antoine – Jamison had 14 points, Mo – Williams had 12 points and 6 assists, Jiamaliao – Moon had 12 points, Shaquille O’Neal – O’Neal played only 15 minutes, 8 points and 7 rebounds .


Section Bulls to change tactics, Noara to the high pick and rolls to Ross, this tactic very well contain the Knights of the interior defense. NOAA to complete this section of the opening three-point play, tied the score overtake the Bulls to 53-52. Game into a stalemate, then once the Bulls will be widened to 3 points in this section, 4 minutes and 20 seconds left, Deng hit two-thirds outside, they still maintain a 70-69 lead.

James scored twice after 5 minutes or basket, but Gibson scored with a fine cast with 5 points, the NOAA has used Trying to score quickly after the Bulls 77-74 ahead another 3 minutes. However, in this section, 2 minutes and 12 seconds in 1 minute without the Bulls, James assists West jumper, last-minute penalty for a ball Ilgauskas, Cavaliers at the end of this section will recovery into the 77 level the score.

Knight obviously do not want to lose at home, opening the fourth quarter before West assists Jamison scored, and then they completed their three-point play, Knight served five minutes to score opened. But the Bulls did not collapse, 7 minutes left in the game, the NOAA-oop dunks and succeeded, in turn Bulls chasing the score 86-87. Knight replaced altogether Ilgauskas to play small lineup, with a fine cast with James scored nine points in the game 2 minutes 57 seconds left, the Knights successfully opened the score to 103-93. Bulls again failed to pose a threat to the end they lost to Cleveland 102-112.


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