A Lian 23 points 15 boards as futile Heat two-overtime win over Miami in eastern top fifth

Miami Heat (47 wins, 35 losses) with a tough victory in locking position in eastern fifth seed. Although the lack of Wade and Shaquille O’Neal, Beasley to come forward and get 25 points and 13 rebounds, the Heat’s bench 10-2 in the second overtime play a small peak, which makes them at home after two to 94-86 overtime victory over the New Jersey Nets (12 wins 70 losses), the Heat have won three straight, they ranked the fifth-seeded East, they will be against the Celtics first round, the Nets ended a three-game losing streak season, United Arab 23 points and 15 rebounds to become futile.

Miami arrangements Wade, Shaquille O’Neal and Udonis Haslem sidelined, the Nets are playing the main force to make severance. Beasley took the lead after the opening jumper, United Arab hit two jumpers, a 8-0 New Jersey lead the attack wave to 6 points. Richardson Glenealy 5, Beasley made two free throws, the Heat overtake 1 minute, United Arab cast succeeded, the first section there are 5 minutes and 35 seconds, leading the Nets to 10-9. Jones retaliate 3, Arroyo layup, the Heat to 14-10 overtake. New Jersey tied the score Glenealy 4, Beasley hit a jumper, leading the Heat to 16-14. Lopez made two free throws to tie the game again, Randolph and Wright hit a jumper, respectively, Lopez and Williams each have two points, first the Harding Park section of two 20-level shake hands.

Heat’s Beasley scored 10 first half points and 6 rebounds, 7 points Wright; Nets Harris and Lopez each scored 10 points, shot 3 United Arab 7 are 9 points and 6 rebounds .

Lee hit a jumper start III, Miami Glenealy 4, United Arab fight back a dozen 3 attack, 3 points behind the Nets to 43-46. Beasley hit two jump shots, he hit a 6-0 Lvdui small climax, this section there are 5 minutes and 40 seconds, leading the Heat to 52-43 nine minutes. Lee hit three points, Lopez made two free throws, the Nets once the gap to four points, Jones scored five points and Chalmers also hit three points, they Shuaidui to 12-3 this section, the end of the small peak competition, the Heat to 64-51 lead after three quarters.


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