Xiao Bu meet Landry again will be implacable: I will in the low singled him!

Tuesday (13) morning at 10 o’clock, the Rockets at Sacramento Arco Arena, challenge super rookie Evans and “Bird” Landry led the Kings, but also Adelman and Martin’s former club. Between the two teams have a long history and disputes, although the two sides now have an early goodbye to the playoffs, the last week of race training and training the purpose is entirely new to each other and will not be rocket hard, but thanks to Landry hope this Aspect revenge Morey, the Rockets want to easily beat his opponent to achieve victory is not easy 42.

Martin will be trading under a first return to Sacramento after the home, Martin said: “When you stand on the court with any feelings you certainly can not let themselves be too emotional, after all, you are a professional player, but able to return to their season to be home by 5 to play, fans feel warm and welcome, this is a very wonderful thing, and I will be grateful to them. ”

More than a month later, they met the King and the rocket, which is after the transaction took place both in the second fight, which won over many a small cloth, he joked: “Tomorrow, I think I like Carl (Landry) will not say what stand I will try to pitch him low and singled, and his confrontation, we are professional athletes, we must take seriously the games. “small cloth with a smile.

Early in March returned to the Toyota Center Landry for the first time, in that game, the Rockets lost to the king, it is because a small cloth in which the ball missed the free throw line, the Rockets have lost hope of victory. The Carl’s loss for the Rockets, and even small cloth of fine felt very sad to lose, he said after the game: “When Aaron (Brookes) penalty which dropped the ball, I felt very sad for him, I hope that he can that two goals are fine, he is like my brother, I Ai Along (Brooks). ”

Small cloth, and other players will once again usher in the rocket before the rocket power forward Carl Landry, Landry has not left the rocket, when a small cloth, and Landry is a very good friend, who in 2007 went into the Rockets this year two people have made rapid progress, a small cloth and Landry in the inside and outside with more and more understanding. Tracy McGrady at the trade deadline will be sent away, while the Rockets, who can not think Landry has also become a bargaining chip in Murray, after the transaction occurred, a small cloth first published in the micro-Bo Landry’s thoughts on the situation.

In the beginning of the season, Landry was the fastest player in the popular progressive candidate, but he was dealing with the continued progress and the small cloth, small cloth gradually replaced Landry standings came out top in progress. More recently, Fagan also said many journalists will vote small cloth, he will be the fastest winners advance. Landry is also a time when the rocket in the small cloth once said: “I hope we can share the last two awards, with the fastest progress prize cup.”


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