Rockets discard McGrady Season has been a success, Martin May just passer

The regular season about to pull down the curtain, the Rockets finally after a whole year in the battle was still a step away from the playoffs poor. If we push back the time, but at the beginning of the season, how many people could have predicted this team can achieve results such as this does. Throughout the year, the Rockets have actually been in a reconstruction of the transition phase, although they failed to make the playoffs, but overall they are still successful, the biggest thing is to get rid of the success of the Tracy McGrady burden, the introduction of a suitable other players.

Martin is clearly among the most well-known players, from the current point of view, he is also a good fit in Houston next year and should continue to stay in the team. But his arrival brings a kind of amazing do not feel old teacher in Adelman’s men, he is more like a scripted role players. Reference to the 1994 and 1995, the Rockets won two championships at Howard, the team will compare the two periods, today’s rockets are completely impossible in depth compared with the previous. Yao Ming, center position frequently injured, the other position players still need running. Martin has merged with the team quickly, but he was not a champion team last piece of puzzle.

Yao came back down season, the Rockets still need further run-in with the tactics inside and outside, which with the Athletics this season is completely different dynamic style, the team also needs to make efforts.

In short, the rocket after the transition this season, currently have some strength, Yao Ming’s return will add some strength for the team, but only need to adapt to his teammates, he also needs to adapt to the ball team. Fortunately, summer is about to come, Morey also can go to the free market and the NBA Draft were born, maybe then there will be a good complement of personnel.

Rockets have appeared throughout the last half is very vibrant, the period until the All-Star break, they still have a winning record of 27 wins more than half of the negative record of 24, now in the regular season only two cases, they have won 39 of the 41 negative good results. If the results change to the east, they already qualify as eligible for the playoffs.

Yao missed, where Artest gone to the Lakers, the Rockets this season, too magnificent not to set ourselves the goal, only to re-planning the next team in the staff structure to better prepare for next season. The presence of Tracy McGrady will inevitably add to the obstacles to this plan, Fortunately, the rocket successfully its trading to the New York Knicks, and derive the corresponding right players.


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