Old cap king hard to escape Yi-style hot pot, shaking leap where is A Lian’s limit

New Jersey Nets edged 95-105 sits Charlotte Bobcats Arena. The campaign Yi Jianlian to the home fans give a satisfactory, he scored 6 for 8 in 14 points, in addition to 10 rebounds 3 blocks 1 assists. It is worth mentioning that the outstanding features of today’s Yi Jianlian jumping into full play, he not only beautiful blocks sent, with up to three offensive rebounds Bulan after the success of these on to see what he has excellent impressive:

Lens 1: singled blocked shots unafraid, easy to demonstrate cooking space foundation

Recently several skill United Arab pot known for, today blocked shots against the old Ratliff is a good chance to test. Section 2 minutes and 36 seconds there is competition, the United Arab dislocation defense Ratliff, his long-awaited opportunity finally arrived. Ratliff has been accounted for at this time was cheap, and saw him turn around and force the ball to the basket after Kaozhu crowding, but also many Arab Union in the summer a lot of muscle, the old blocks and then the king can not move forward with all its move one point.

Scene two: the classic space easily sending pot, jumping a great shame befell the man when

Some people may say, the United Arab seal Guerra, Leaf is bullying the elderly, then what the young Tyrus Thomas? But enjoy it, “Jumping Man” Violence deduction will be known. Second period began, the first section of the game played in the United Arab remain in the field, then he needs to come off the bench to meet Thomas. Competition this section and 9 minutes and 20 seconds, Thomas left the ball outside preparing to attack, the United Arab does not pull out in time to the opponents easy shots, but the former Bulls Titans simply do not mean jump shot, he suddenly saw the focus on reducing and rushed towards the ring.

Lens 3: Quick follow-up Bulan in, he was at a loss for the Bobcats basket

Midfielder back to the Nets started fighting back, though still not much the United Arab offensive opportunities, but still are active in the field, Section 8 minutes 04 seconds there, he was the team through a Bulan meritorious deeds. Hughes was the trip Bobcats missed a jumper, Williams got the rebound after the train killed a former field, the Nets have such a scourge as the team crossed together. Lee left after high-speed plug in the sub-Williams received the ball, but after the extraordinary challenges in his basket but the bottom line brush the ring.

Lens 4: Space easily leaps higher test than the day he turned one stirring inside Bobcats

Is Bulan, III have 3 minutes 16 seconds, leap up restricted areas in the United Arab anger fly it hands the ball box, this time in terms of importance for ornamental or are better than the first time Bulan. New Jersey has been poor at that time will be reduced to only 1 minute, Harris holding the ball outside to prepare their attack, the teammates who go after blocking his shot directly in the left third of forced jump. As we all know, Harris is a great outside shooting short board, this pop-up basket ball shot the ball well after the high, but the Nets fans sighed with regret on the occasion, but fly out of Charlotte closed a white film, this is not the first New Jersey license Luo Lopez, but from China’s space easily, I just saw him in the crowd as Shenbingtianxiang, direct anger fly it hands the ball basket, if it is under the long body too many people, this ball will be the United Arab to a hanging frame, let Charlotte take a look at the Nets jumping captains mighty men.


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