Jefferson want to seek long contract claims not deserve 15 million annual salary

Averaged only 12.4 points a small forward collar 15 million annual salary? That sounds ridiculous. Even Spurs Jefferson also thinks so. If Jefferson is not out of contract next season he will get the annual salary of 15 million, but he does not seem to mean high salaries.

“To the end of the season, such a situation I would like to think carefully about every player in the contract. If you jump out of the contract to somewhere else, I will probably earn less than 15 million annual salary, but I can find a longer period of contract ensure that the income the next few years. “Jefferson said his salary this season is 14.2 million,” we can calculate, if I am out of contract this year to other teams, signed a four-year 40 million contract. It’s like ‘ah, I missed a year 15 million contract, but at least I have 3 years 25 million salary.’ this problem, the arrival end of the season, we have to consider. ”

Jefferson left out of the contract will also have a variety of factors, including the summer of 2011, the situation of labor negotiations, in the end was the free agent market, what will the situation. Course also includes this year’s playoffs, the Spurs could go far.

“I do not intend to get in the Spurs system where 15 million contract,” Jefferson said, “I’m not a player worth 15 million. In the sun or other offensive rhythm faster, more ball offense and defense conversion team, I would raise the value. But in this slow-paced team, my value has changed. ”

Needless to say, Jefferson and the San Antonio system of exclusion would make him likely to opt out of contract this summer he turned 30 years old will also give more consideration to the future, and pension issues. “In 29 years, I also hope to sign a longer contract extension, then slowly back out of the contract save the lost salary.” I’m afraid, this is Jefferson’s overall plan it.

Jefferson has so far failed to integrate into the system, the Spurs this season, his scoring dropped from 01-02 rookie season low since. His value can not be such a slow pace in the Spurs team which is reflected. From the 01-08 season, Jefferson in the Nets system in fast-paced like a duck, there have been two seasons of 22 +.


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