Howard 22 +13 +6 make Magic straight victory James truce Knight 3 consecutive failures

Orlando Magic (57 wins 23 losses) extend winning streak, they won the eastern part of the focus of a battle victory. The face of the lack of a James Cleveland Cavaliers (61 wins 20 losses), Howard with 22 points, 13 rebounds and 6 blocks inside the performance of the ruling, Nelson had 17 points, Mickael Pietrus fourth quarter performance not bad, they lead the development effort to expand distal Magic lead to 98-92 in road win over the Cavaliers won four straight, the Cavaliers suffered their third straight.

Howard dunk

Orlando’s Dwight Howard had 22 points, 13 rebounds, 6 blocks and 3 assists, Nelson had 17 points, 8 assists and 4 rebounds, he also had two steals, Pietrus had 12 points, Lewis 11 points, Barnes had 10 points and six rebounds, Redick scored 10 points. Orlando broke the team single-season 3-point records, they hit 818 this season, last season was 817, their distance from the Suns in the 2005-06 season in a single season hit record of 837 three-pointers worse 19.

Cleveland West scored 21 points, 7 assists and 5 rebounds, Antawn Jamison had 19 points and six rebounds, Little Mo had 19 points and 9 assists, Moon had 12 points, 9 points and get a large Z 12 rebounds.

James sidelined for the third consecutive games, Parker also arrange holiday, little Mo and Jamison back, Moon and Williams in the starting lineup. Opening of 6 square Houmu En dunk, four penalty Jamison III, the Cleveland Cavaliers to 11-8 lead. Howard got the equalizer with 3 points, scored 5 points of small Mo, Jamison also Glenealy 4, a wave of attacks 11-2 to lead Cavaliers to 22-13. The two sides each have a few minutes later, a large Z and West are one of two free throws, the Cavaliers to 28-19 lead after the first section.

Lewis hit three points and Magic III began with 5 points, 1 point they overtake. Little Mo scored 8 points, 3 Moon also hit, they helped lead the Cavaliers back 3 points. Barnes, Howard and Nelson were successful offensive, Orlando kept up with seven points, taking a 67-63 overtake 4. David West scored 5 points to pull the score level after 73, Howard hit a jumper, Carter break layup, three quarters to 77-73 lead after the Magic.

Varejao scored 4 points, West has also made two free throws, the Cavaliers again in the fourth quarter made shortly after the 2-point lead. Pietrus hit two 3, one Glenealy 8 points, he helped the Magic to 88-84 lead, scoring big Z Bulan, Pietrus has Glenealy 4, Redick hit one 3-pointer minutes and 40 seconds leading Orlando to 93-86. Telfair hit a jumper, 3 points in Nelson, Howard’s successful offensive in the basket, Orlando to lead expanded to 10. West scored four points, the Cavaliers are still powerless, they lost 92-98.


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