Delfino 23 points Jennings overall Bucks beat 76 people got four straight winner

Milwaukee Bucks (45 wins 34 losses) to continue winning streak. Delfino contribution to a team-high 23 points and Luke Ridnour had 18 points off the bench also, Jennings four free throws in the last minute, they led the Bucks to 95-90 road win over the Philadelphia 76ers (26 wins 53 negative), the Bucks won four in a row, they continue to occupy the eastern part of the fifth, the 76ers have lost six straight.

Jennings dribble break

Bucks Delfino scored 23 points and 5 assists, and Luke Ridnour had 18 points and three rebounds, Jennings had 16 points and seven assists, he also had five steals, scored 13 points Ba Mote and 9 rebounds, 7 points Salmons. 76 Andre Iguodala scored 21 points and four rebounds, Williams had 15 points, Howard scored 13 points and di music 8 assists, Green and Meeks each had 11 points, Damubote be 7 points and 15 rebounds.

Bucks an opening to become masters, Jennings Glenealy 4, he Lvdui wave of attacks to 11-2 start. Andre Iguodala scored 7 points, he led the 76 team will chase the score 11-14. The two sides labeled as offensive, Delfino hit two recorded three points in the first section after the Bucks to 24-15 lead.

Ridnour started with a 3-point II, the 76ers kept up with six points to narrow the gap to just 6 points, both with 6 points each after the Bucks then Glenealy 6 hours 4 minutes 55 seconds before halftime when they lead to 39-27. Turn up after two hours, Jennings dunk on Bucks to 48-36 halftime lead into 12 points.

Both sides in the last section all have 7 points after the beginning of Williams free throws, Ridnour hit two jumpers, his one Glenealy 5, Delfino also hit three points, and closing the first 5 minutes and 55 seconds Bucks team 81-70 ahead 11 points. Two teams each scored 4 points and one Glenealy Williams 5 points, 8-1 to counter a wave of climax points difference to 76 teams will once again down to 4 minutes, Elia, Sowa hit three points, Damubote and Le Di Huo been together 5 minutes, 19 seconds before the whistle when the 76ers to 87-89 behind two points.

Jennings made two free throws, Iguodala retaliate 3, Ba Mote also two free throws 11 seconds before the whistle when the Bucks to 93-90 lead. 76ers suspended, Di Huo 3 Lok is not in, then sank two free throws Jennings, Andre Iguodala buzzer 3 is not in the Bucks to 95-90 win.


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