Spanish National Derby once in 50 years, the epic duel large Luo Qizu times

237 Spanish National Derby will be held at the Bernabeu stadium. After 30 record with 77 positive points, Real Madrid Barcelona dialogue between the two powers, will determine the league championship this season. Spanish league this season, the intensity of competition, comparable to the 59/60 season 50 years ago. 50 years ago, Barcelona has made use of by goal percentage points higher and beat Real Madrid to win the same. The Derby field, was also seen as an epic 50-years war.


National Derby this season first  Round

In the star, the Massey 39 ball Primera Liga scoring charts, the first Champions League scorer standings are, in addition to Barcelona 10 9 assists also ranked first in the league. Still the same excellent Ibrahimovic, Sweden god tower this season of 20 goals scored, but also that priceless first leg of Derby’s winning goal. In Real Madrid, Higuain found to be the largest of the season in the Spanish league, 24 games scoring 24 goals, efficient amazing. The first in the world worth C Luo, despite injuries, but he still scored in 27 games in 25 balls.

But in the Champions League, Real Madrid was completed Barca’s revenge. Champions League semi-finals of the season, Real Madrid home and away are the score 3 to 1 victory over Barcelona. After the double play Barcelona, Real Madrid in the Champions League final in Frankfurt, allies face. In this forever in the annals of the final, Real Madrid back to win 7 to 3, Di Stefano scored a hat trick, Puskas was contributed Da Sixi.


04-05 season the National Derby

Today, the protagonist of Derby will be C Luo, Lionel Messi. They will offer fans an epic contest. In the 04-05 season, Zidane Tai Law also won 4-2 at the Bernabeu in a classic battle. But before that game, Real Madrid has 9 points behind Barcelona, more competition is to honor, and for winning is not too great. But this upcoming Derby, who is a champion who won a contest.


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