Manchester United are surprising but not winning , Rooney fate more fatal than red card

At a quarter of tonight’s Champions League game, Manchester United and Bayern common for us to write a Huichangdangqi classical music, despite 10 operations Manchester United 3-2 to win the game, or because away goals, but was out. Bayern lose access 4 strong sweet, but Manchester United are not too upset because there were no losers in this night, Manchester United’s men have proved their strength, they can lift head Yangshou home. To win the game, sometimes you need a little luck, but this thing where two rounds are rivals.

Opening arrangement of Ferguson the most successful tactic is 4-5-1 under the framework in a significant acceleration of the tempo, the rhythm of Bayern in the face of such loss, Gibson in such tactics with the concept of value, to lift people for their way of doubt: Paul Scholes and Ryan Giggs old, and Park, is a continuous battle fatigue, just Rush Chelsea last weekend, only the younger Gibson has plenty of stamina so you can support this fast-paced, Gibson frequently forward runs of the position in the race has been close to the Frontal, he stuck to Wayne Rooney as the fulcrum around in addition to the two wingers for taking vehicles outside one more point, while at the foot of rough, is not as strong integrated But Gibson has had a very strong long-range capability.

Raphael Manchester United use their relatively helpless, right back position has hurt Brown and John O’Shea, Gary – Neville has a week under the old two-game, consumption is too large, it was an opportunity for the young Raphael. Their speed and technology, there are certain features of the Raphael team morale driven series of successful steals Franck Ribery, has increased the confidence of his frequently assists Daoqian Chang, also lost a play broadswords, in such an atmosphere, his mind began to heat, after being Olic kicking down the application without the need to retaliate with a yellow card at a time when Franck Ribery on the show seasoned side, row after opening the second half put pressure on Raphael, is to looking for a red card, before the teenager’s experience in Franck Ribery once again exposed not cool side, and Franck Ribery both tugging back and forth the way a penalty, and its time Bayern players surrounded the referee collective pressure slightly were hesitant to show once again the referee of the Raphael, a yellow card, the game completely changed the balance.

Looking full match, Manchester United has been doing all, nothing can be sorry for, most of the players can Yangshou home, playing hurt and playing excellent Rooney is respectable, although a big mistake teenager Rafael But, after all, a great children’s future, only Ababa, with the decadence of the performance, as always, proved why the would prefer Gibson Ferguson is not willing to hire him. This season, Manchester United need to increase the line-depth through signings to avoid such an injury on the beating Wayne Rooney’s experience, chubby injuries a week, Manchester United have been near an impasse, Ferguson can only gamble tonight, but in the end gambling won but lost to rival God, then surely Ferguson tonight would also like to have neat lineup of both sides coming to play in a situation, what in the end to see what the weak strong.


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