Champions League Preview: Bordeaux impact 31 years miracle, Lyon missed the two core

State of the past week, Bordeaux 3 straight wins Lyon 3

1 week ago in Lyon 3-1 triumph over Bordeaux at home, ending 7 straight Champions League Bordeaux, Lisandro (2 goals) and Bastos broke, Charles Mark Retrieving a ball for the Bordeaux. Game, Bordeaux had outstanding central defender Ziani extremely poor condition, was Lisandro completely suppressed. French League last weekend, Bordeaux go further lost 1-2 home defeat to Nancy in the past 7 days Method Alliance Cup (1-3 Marseille), Champions (1-3 Bordeaux) and the league suffered three straight games, scored 3 ball into the 8 ball. Lyon 2-1 away defeat at Rennes, made in the past 7 days of the 3 game winning streak, but also Bastos, Lisandro seal the victory for the Lyons.

Bordeaux 1-3 after comeback possible

68-69 UEFA Cup 1 / 4 final, first leg at home to Dutch giants Ajax 1-3 in the match, lost to Benfica of Portugal crack; but in the second leg, the Dutch have the same score in the away (3-1) returned the pledge Portuguese. The two sides battle in two rounds into a total score of 4-4, in overtime in the Ajax playing crazy with the ball into the 3, and the total score to 7-4 victory over Benfica, smooth Jishensijiang. In other words, Bordeaux needs to create a never before over the past 31 years, a miracle.

Huston impact of the opportunity to Bordeaux

Away on Bordeaux, Lyon still greater risk, Lisandro, Macon not played a great influence on them. Main Lisandro front court, Ge are due to accumulated yellow card suspension, Clare, Macon, Kleiber – Anderson is injury truce. But injuries Bodemeier weekend to play, Bumu Song has come back. Bordeaux midfielder Fernando main seriously injured in the weekend league, need a truce for 6 weeks. In addition Pulanusi, Sertic and others continue to rest. Goalkeeper Carazo also slightly injured his right arm, but not affect the game. Suspension in play, the captain Aarau – Diarra back in this war will lift the ban.

Gourcuff’s decision to force

Fever pitch last week in Ireland, Gourcuff check mark despite the break assists, but the overall performance is still not satisfactory. Lyon, Bordeaux point of time than to create opportunities for less than competitors. After returning to French, Gourcuff reputation has grown, but in international competitions as he has a lack of real, or as the star’s younger brother, under the wings. Now a seemingly impossible things before him, if he can lead Bordeaux comeback, which will accelerate his growth.


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