Champions League: Charles Mark Goal Lyon 0-1 Bordeaux but still first into semi-finals

Champions League 1 / 4 final, second leg in Bordeaux, home to meet Lyon, Diarra has volley hit the crossbar, before the moment of check marks first half stoppage time goal, but keep sticking to the end of Lyon, Bordeaux, although the 1-0 win, Lyon still with a total score of 3-2 out of the semi-finals opponents.

Lyon celebrate promotion

Lyon, Monaco in 2004, followed by a Champions League semi-finals qualify for the French team, had they never been to the Champions League semi-finals. Bordeaux’s Champions League success in 1985 into the best semi-finals, but Juventus out, This time can not reproduce the brilliant 25 years ago.

Lyon 3-1 first leg lead to win at least two goals Bordeaux chance comeback. Bordeaux, Gourcuff still discharge check mark and gold combination, Diyala lifted back, Pulanusi back from injury. Lyon’s top striker Lisandro – Lopez accumulated yellow card suspension, Gomis, starting, Pjanic on the bench.

8 minutes, Lyon was a free kick opportunity, Bastos strong volley, missed the bottom line directly. After 2 minutes, Bastos small angle hit the left door and hit the side net. The first 12 minutes, Gomis, receiving the left corner pass in front of the header Yiceng some top high.

61 minutes, Sane endo right-sided spike, Sissoko a foot tripping foul, the referee whistled Quemo caused great dissatisfaction fans. Puale replaced with Pjanic Gomis, Blanco was there with Chalme who replaced injured Aarau – Diarra strengthen attack.

Boumsong was injured and replaced Bodmer. 71-minute free kick Gourcuff spread in front of the ball Bodmer struggling to Disembarrassing Chudi Xian, Gourcuff left wing corner kick reached the far point, Saddam nodded the ball inside the unguarded far is the top side Gongmen . Charles Mark break into restricted areas hit by his opponent, the referee signaled the game continues.

Lyon, Bordeaux completely suppress onslaught, counter difficult to organize, Kaweinaji appearance, Bordeaux kick up the three guards. 86 minutes, Sane mass in right-sided, far point Wendel header Leipzig very strong point of view is well saved by Loris. 2 minutes later, Plasil fought long-range high.


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