Jazz exposure Rooney require engaging in warfare Bayern, Carrick pull him finally agreed to train alone

Manchester United boss Sir Alex Ferguson revealed that his right ankle in the England striker Wayne Rooney has recently been pestering him and ask him to let himself against Bayern Munich in the Champions League battle of life and death as a substitute.


Last Tuesday at the Allianz Arena after the sprain, Rooney’s injury, as always, respond rapidly, exceeding the ordinary, so he would very much like to have the opportunity again in the second leg on stage to help Manchester United 1-2 behind the reversal of the disadvantages.

Although Sir Alex Ferguson has never thought of Wayne Rooney ahead of time to return, but he admitted that 24-year-old chubby constantly engaging in warfare has been going crazy yourself. Ferguson said: “We have to help the child’s injury has made satisfactory progress, but I am not prepared to take risks, if he is not 100% recovered, we will on April 17 game against Manchester City will battle for his comeback , or the week day when a substitute guest Blackburn may also be. ”

However, the disciple Sir Alex Ferguson had rejected the plea because he feared it would hinder his complete recovery. Sir Alex Ferguson Wayne Rooney’s team-mate Michael Carrick and even arrange pulled him to continue training alone, as he clearly seems to have ankle problems.


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