Inter holding 3 Champion need Devil Schedule , the 42-day 11 war test bench thickness

Inter team will leave Moscow with a smile, but Inter will face a more sinister race. If Inter Milan in the Italian Cup and the Champions League final went, they had 42 days to complete 11 games.

Second leg against CSKA Moscow, Mourinho sure of success has replaced a Pandev circumstances, Milito and Sneijder. In addition replaced Pandev out of tactical considerations, the Baluoteli and played outside all Muntari sent out the next game and allow Milito and Sneijder could have more rest time.

For Inter, the next 42 days, the most difficult period is the week between the League and the Champions League two-game stage. Indeed, according to the previous schedule, the Inter Milan and even to experience a game in 2-3 days to complete the embarrassing situation. Even then the top team, you want to use the same set of opponents each team to conquer all unrealistic.

League Inter Milan 2-3 days after the clash with Barcelona in turn, clearly crazy is bound to two rounds with the Barcelona game out of the most powerful lineup. But the league to face Juventus, and Atlanta also are tough, in a Rome will close the gap width of 1 minute after Inter no longer in the league have any mishap.

Addition to full support past the normal or abnormal play Inter, the madman must be careful to use its player. Today, Inter Sneijder, Lucio and Motta were slightly injured, although you can barely fight, but it may cause long-term slip slightly in injury. The three have come in this season’s competition has gradually become the mainstay of the Nerazzurri, I believe that madman was aware of this truth.

Attachment: Inter may schedule the final stage of the season:

April 11 Serie: vs Florence

April 14 Italian Cup semi-final second leg: vs Florence

April 18 Serie: vs Juventus

April 20 / Champions League semi-final first leg 21: vs Barcelona

April 25 Serie: vs Atlanta

April 27 / Champions League semi-final, second leg 28: vs Barcelona

May 2 Serie: vs Lazio

May 5th Italian Cup final

May 9 Serie A: vs Chievo

May 16 Serie: vs Siena

Champions League final on May 22


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