Bayern coach actually fear World War Manchester United 0 Goals, made it clear that he like Ababa

Without Rooney, Manchester United and Bayern Munich, which players need to be afraid? The team coach Van Gaal announced that Berbatov is the player he fears may be destroyed Bayern’s Champions League dream.

拜仁主帅竟恐惧曼联欧战0进球先生 明言喜欢贝巴

We beat Manchester United have Wayne Rooney, he is not no competition in terms of the relationship between Bayern. Not only that, we do not need to win this game, we need only a draw. But Manchester United is still popular promotion. “

Bayern captain, Dutch midfielder Mark van Bommel said: “I hope that Wayne Rooney could, he participated in the contest, which is very important to the Champions League. Manchester United Wayne Rooney is not only one person, but he is a great player, if he can not go , that is Manchester United’s loss. “

Wayne Rooney up to 34 goals last season, but I felt it only 12 balls, without a goal in the Champions League, but Van Gaal said: “I have always liked Berbatov. I only called when the Ajax had wanted to buy him, when he played for Bayer Leverkusen. Manchester United lost a lot of balls, but they may subsequently into three, then cut. They have this spirit, Ferguson will ensure this. “


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