Martin: I have nothing left shoulder, do not get sick as an excuse for team losing goal

This morning, the rocket’s trip to Indiana and eventually defeat them 102 to more than 133 competitors; after the game, “Houston Chronicle,” the author, in today’s game, Martin again after an interval of 10 days in the game, after the game, he reluctantly put on his shirt, and then exposed the ugly face, this is the result of his left shoulder pain.

However, Martin said he felt good. “I played the game,” Martin said, “a little bit experimental. However, I feel good.”

The entire match, Martin played 25 minutes, shot only 5 times, hit the ball, get three points, shot count and hit Martin scores the lowest in three years individuals. To know, before that, the face of the Pacers, Martin scored a career field can 28.5 points, higher than any one he faced when the other team scoring. He said that he, Jeffries and Trevor Ariza’s return can not be an excuse for Rockets struggled today.

“I went home last night, and my parents stay together,” Jeffries said, “We are happy to eat dinner, I saw my dog.”

Jefferies believes today’s return of the left Achilles tendon will not be bothering him, but it also through competition to test the response of the Achilles tendon. Each match, he played 23 minutes, just 5 1 vote, the performance unsatisfactory.

“I think we played together long enough time, we know each other’s role,” Martin said, “we know which guy to play what position. Therefore, our return will not change the team a great impact . ”

Jeffries arrested together with their parents empty

In addition, as people of Indiana Bloomington, Jeffries local time Saturday, the day before the game is returned to his home, his parents also watched his match today.


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