James 42 +7 +9 missed a key ball, Knight 113-117 Celtic

Boston Celtics (48 wins 28 losses) to win a crucial victory at home. While James scored 42 points, nine assists and seven rebounds, including 20 points in the fourth quarter, he helped the Cleveland Cavaliers (60 wins 17 losses) reversed up to 22 points behind the lead in the distal Unfortunately, James Overall 9 from 3-point 0, by 33 points Ray – Allen hit three crucial points, five green jersey starter averaging in double figures the military, they are at home to 117-113 win over the Cavaliers, Celtics team concluded three-game losing streak, the Cavaliers three-game winning streak was ended.


Being the host Celtics made a good start, they quickly lead to 8-1, James scored four points chase Cavaliers team score 7-8. Long two more successful offensive, then Allen hit a record 3 minutes, a 9-2 small climax to lead the Celtics to 17-9. Little Mo with 3 minutes to score the two closer, Allen hit three points to stabilize the situation, Davis and Paul Pierce get together before the end of this section 5, the Celtics leading the first section of the Harding Park to 33-24 .

Big Z scored 4 points and the Cavaliers after the start of the section II, the gap narrowed to 5 points. Rondo hit 3 successful, the team ended 11-3 in the small wave height, 7 minutes and 55 seconds before halftime when the Celtics lead to 45-32. The two sides will each receive a fraction of small Mo Glenealy 5, Hickson has recorded 4 points, 47-52 Cleveland team will score chase. Garnett scored 4 points, 3 points in Pierce, Rondo also sent a note half buzzer 3, a small peak to 12-2 to 64-49 Celtics lead into halftime .

James started four free throws in the fourth quarter, Allen free throw, James has scored 6 points, a 11-2 counterattack wave to the Cavaliers rallied from 5 minutes 28 seconds to score chase 96-101. Pierce made two free throws, LeBron James scored six points and Tony Parker is also jumper-pointer with 2 minutes 58 seconds when the Cleveland Cavaliers 104-103 overtake 1 minute. The two sides each have four points, Kevin Garnett made two free throws, right wing Aaron hit three points, when the pointer with 47.9 seconds lead Celtics to 112-108. Cleveland suspended Hou Pake right corner 3-pointer, Tony – Allen layup, 21.6 seconds before the whistle when the Celtics a 114-111 lead.

James and Pierce were one of two free throws, causing Tony James – Allen foul, he hit one, the Cavaliers only 2 points behind. Perkins missed two free throws, James shot 3 is not right, the Cleveland Cavaliers missed the opportunity to overtake, Garnett made two free throws, the pointer with 2.7 seconds ahead when the Celtics 117-113. James, after a short pause is not in the right-wing 3, the Cavaliers defeated by 4 points.


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