Fagan persuaded Yao Ming to stay by lie? Giant “swing” very wise

Season is OVER, rockets only to maintain the dignity and the exercise the last couple of call, but look beyond this season, there is one thing troubled Morey, plagued the rocket, and is the most important, that is, whether this summer, Yao Ming will be out of contract.

Giant has made it clear that he has not considered this issue, nevertheless, he will not give up the right out of the contract. That is, I must stay in the rocket Yao Ming did not say, I may choose to jump out of the contract, may choose to implement the contract last season.

However, Yao’s point of view, such an attitude he blame. In addition to taking the championship goal, a very important factor is also placed in front of a giant, that is money. As we all know, in the current situation, NBA bosses prepare to shorten and reduce the length and amount of player contracts, while the new collective bargaining agreement was in 2011 just released, if Yao is not out of the contract, he became a free agent just before the time the new collective bargaining agreement.

However, “Houston Chronicle” Fagan’s personal blog, but said, “I think Yao will be the implementation of the contract last season. I think, out of contract with Mingxia than after Yao Ming received after this summer out of the new contract may not be more generous, even if the premise of the new labor agreement, if Yao Ming in the Rockets next season to stay healthy, and play a good level, he received the contract in Mingxia may even received a new contract this summer, more than the rich . ”

Fagan said, was by no means impossible, given Yao Ming had just finished surgery, even if he is out of contract, interested teams may also be inhibited, there may be a discount price tag. If Yao Ming to stay in Houston, playing a very high level, and stay healthy, then the team will no doubt cause a lot of looting, the money, no less.

Therefore, the ambiguity Yao is a reasonable choice, if not out of contract, and can not stay healthy, then the next year’s Yao Ming will be very passive, it can not seize the initiative, together with the further shrinking labor agreement that could cry no to the . Although Fagan if not impossible, but rest assured that the possibility of not going to get Yao Ming, somewhat lie composition, but there is no true and false questions.


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