50 minutes 27 +11 victory KG surrounded by the enemy never give up Luis Scola

Relying on last-minute overtime after another runaway and tenacious counterattack in the Rockets 119-114 win the Celtics, Scola played 50 minutes and 45 seconds, 22 voted 11 to get 27 points and 11 rebounds four times assists, although he was rival hygiene, 6 turnovers, but the Rockets Scola is undoubtedly the biggest upset win hero, so much playing time he hit a career high, also seen the film God will never abandon the spirit of the mind, especially to the last moment, Scola storm succeeded twice in the basket, and let Garnett consecutive unsuccessful attack, this time the Rockets, he is no doubt that inside pillars, no matter how been kind of tight defense, he can always find a way to anti-opponent.

Will indeed have such good luck Houston Rockets, the better his performance, the more firmly the Morey him to stay in this summer’s determination.

Garnett cleverly defeated Giant Swing

Although today’s game Scola is up to the bit state of increasingly rejuvenated Garnett, but he is not only in the opening ball for the Rockets when the first shot to get the full, Brooks’s mid-range jumper is not in Moscow pulled high leaps won the rebounds, the Rockets now have basically no possibility of playoffs, and even Trevor Ariza have chosen truce today, but Scola as the team’s only inside the core of his state still worth noting, a middle-distance shot after Luis Scola scored inside the tip of his beautiful feet and then 2 points, gorgeous big loop layup that old Garnett is obviously not able to keep up, the Rockets start once However, the strength behind Scola scores again and again under their counter-attack, although the outstanding performance Scola quickly met with Kevin Garnett and Perkins on the siege, but the first half of the Houston Festival people are still relying on continuous narrowing the score gap between the scores outside shot, even ahead of the end of the first section 2 points race.

Only hit two balls, but Key Points

Scola’s fiery life and death, a feeling still continue, 9 minutes and 44 seconds of his high jumper to help the Rockets keep a four point lead, can cause did not think that the next few minutes the Rockets into the awkward The scoring drought, the Celtics 11-0 in the shock wave completely reversed the unfavorable situation, until the 2 +1 and Lori again layup Scola, the Rockets barely bitten the Celtics.

But any time will not shake the confidence of Scola, third in Budinger hit a large heart, the Scola also spared from war in the hard basket regret Garnett grabbed offensive rebounds, 2 points again, Rockets team relied on the ball overtake scores, high jumper again succeeded Scola helped the Rockets shot a wave of 8-0, will be worse to continue to expand, particularly surprising that the strong two consecutive overtime Lijianeite Scola did not succeed to play the final, relying on Scola’s tenacious performance Rockets won this Rongyuzhizhan the road, and his outstanding play, but also completely suppressed all Kevin Garnett and Wallace Star Fours mix!


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