Review Zidane + Pavon policy Real Madrid should learn from the past

Since the summer of 2000 with the election in the Old Main Xisang Si depend on the weight Figo’s surprise victory, the taste of the sweetness of Florentino and he resolved to introduce a construction team of the star. The following year, he quietly incite defection Zinedine Zidane, Real Madrid on the 5th of the shirt will be given to the French once again set a world record transfer players. Meanwhile, Florentino said: In the future, Real Madrid a year will introduce a star. After the 2002 World Cup, Florentino has not kept his word, and the Argentine coach Hector and Ronaldo is not a halo comes with a World Cup Jin Xue. In 2003 he succeeded David Beckham incurred under its command, and later Owen, warships 1:00 scenery goes for the Galaxy.

掌故:回顾齐达内+帕文政策 皇马应吸取前车之鉴

Figo brought a four-year Spanish champions did not lay their hands (2001), Zidane brought a European Cup (2002), Ronaldo has brought his career in the first league title (2003). Beckham for Real Madrid before the walk brought the club’s first 30 league history.
Basically tied in the club honors former Sens circumstances, Florentino stadium by selling profitable to sell jerseys and other commercial means, let the club down have nothing to say. At the time of brilliance, Florentino Fangchuhualai: what we need, “Zidane + Pavon” policy, or is an absolute star (such as Zinedine Zidane), or is the grass-roots youth culture echelon (eg, Pavon ), does not allow players the intermediate zone of gray.

Zidane + Pavon policy several disadvantages:

1, the introduction of star too fast, at least one year, resulting in the instability of the team play and the changing rooms; the latter part of Brazil to help severely affected the team’s unity.

2, “Pavon” in use, there Destructive Enthusiasm is suspected. “Pavon” use, but to use step by step. Like raising children, not to let him grow up quickly, the other is from Casillas after Real Madrid have not had any world-class players, and most people pick me.

3, excessive pursuit of business efficiency, resulting in the deposition front court players. David Beckham at Manchester United has been playing You Bianwei, but because of the presence of Luis Figo, Guti England once only partner with the lower back, a serious waste of talent. Irrational structure of team sports.

In addition to these world-class players, the Chairman also introduced Al, Biord, Harvey – such as Spain striker Fernando Alonso, of course, recycling Granero, de la Red. A certain extent, these are “Zidane + Pavon,” a replica of the policy or renewal. But Fenot, Tolentino second malignancy first season Real Madrid in the Champions League sink like a stone, and Kaka, Benzema failed to enter the two stars are also slow the state. No doubt Real Madrid this summer and it starts on a new star game. Zidane + Pavon, Sir, this policy must seriously learn from.


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