EU:Gerrard assists Tetsuei broke 10 players Liverpool 1-2 were reversed

EU Cup 1 / 4 final first leg of the war ushered in a focus, Liverpool, Benfica went to Stadium of Light challenge. Benfica close to 3 encounters with Liverpool have won without throwing a ball, especially in the 2005/06 season’s Champions League 1 / 8 knock-out in double play defending champion Liverpool is smarting. Despite the competition, the Red Army first into a ball, but the game has two grand prize for the final 1-2 away to Benfica reversed.

Liverpool celebrate goals

In the starting lineup, the Red Army sent Torres, Babel and Kuyt’s Trident attack combinations, Yossi Benayoun and sitting the bench; Benfica side sent as a single arrow Cardoso, Portugal, Nuno center – Gomez did not start, behind in the Cardoso is Argentine star Pablo Aimar and Dimaliya, Saviola is not selected for the squad because of injury.

9 minutes, Steven Gerrard as Liverpool won the restricted free kick on the left, the Red Army captain takes the kick himself, he was a low, flat ball Zhise closed, Road in the gameplan to play a small box with a direct door heel, the ball straight into the bottom left corner, Liverpool 1 -0 lead.

48 minutes, Dimaliya mass in right-sided, Cardoso shakes Gongmen was Reyna confiscated. 50 minutes, Dimaliya out the left wing corner, 3 meters in front of Cardoso unguarded header over the bar.

58 minutes Agger brought down the box with Cardoso, Cardoso personally takes the kick free kick, Paraguay striker direct hit the door, hit the left post after the ball bounced back, melee, Insua kicking down Aimar, referee decisive penalty kick, the ball fired at the lower right corner Cardoso takes the kick, although Reina determine the right direction, but the angle is too helpless Diao, ball, or network, Benfica 1-1 Liverpool!

The first 82 minutes, Liverpool Torres replaced with Enge Ge. 86 minutes, with Elton replaced Aimar Benfica. 89 minutes, Gerrard closed the left wing hit the door directly confiscated. 91 minutes, Liverpool replaced Gerrard with Yossi Benayoun. The first minute, the final 5 minutes of added-on time after Benfica 2-1 Liverpool reversed.

Liverpool (433): Reina / Glenn – Johnson, Agger, Carragher, Insua / Javier Mascherano, Steven Gerrard (91 ‘Benayoun), Lucas / Kuyt, Torres (82 ‘Enge Ge), Babel

Benfica (451): Cesar / Lu Yisang – Da Silva, M-Pereira (66 ‘Gomes), David – Ruiz, Keentelao / Aimar (86’ Elton), Carlos – Martins (73 ‘Amorim), Garcia, Dimaliya, Ramirez / Cardozo


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