Argentina 4 powerful player break 100 goals , first fire beyond total of England ,Pakistan, Italy and Spain!

Argentina from the South American qualifying difficult, but this did not prevent them favorites to win the World Cup. As of week’s Champions League, Argentina 4 power forward this season, has a total of 106 broke, Maradona has such a fierce fire, when the stunning move completed in South Africa.

阿根廷4神锋进球破100 第1火力超英巴意西之和!

Week in the Champions League, Inter Milan played in Milito on behalf of another gains, his goals helped the club CSKA Moscow 1-0 victory over the dark horse, but also make their season to 22 goals. Messi did not score in the week, Carlos Tevez and Higuain are no events to participate, but the Argentina striker to fire 4 large or more than 100 balls.

Messi goal has been to 34 from 38 balls shy of the personal record of 4 goals. Higuain in Real Madrid is also very violent, and 30 games scoring 25 goals. Carlos Tevez Manchester City in the Premier League will now rely on his own power into the first 4 teams in the Monday after performing a hat-trick, his season to 25 goals. Milito, Messi, Higuain, Carlos Tevez 4 total goals soared to 106 balls.

World Cup, Argentina’s major rival in the front line strength is not and Argentina, can be discerned from the data. In England, Brazil, Spain and Italy last four of the top striker in comparison with Argentina, not to win.

England’s Wayne Rooney Zhuangtaiqijia, the tournament scoring a total of 34 goals, breaking quite a few and Massey. Brazil’s Luis Fabiano and Sevilla as the team state of depression, scored only 14 goals so far. Spain’s Villa to play a fairly normal, broke 23 of 36 games, although not keep up with 30 goals last year, but a step further two seasons, have not entered into 23 balls. Italy’s Di Natale scored 21 today, all of these goals in the league. Such a calculation, Britain, Brazil 4 Italy last four goals total power forward, and only 92 balls only, less than 14 goals in Argentina!

Maradona is now holding a sufficient number of good players, will help him to achieve any dream, even as Zagallo, Beckenbauer, as each player won the World Cup as coach, and certainly not a luxury. Now, to see Maradona how to configure his super star.


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