Budinger skillfully avoiding dangerous display his hard spikes shoot with great precision only an instant failure

After struggling for some time after, Budinger finally found themselves and usher in the game against the Wizards broke out, the audience scored a career-high 24 points and hit a key shot, and serve to help the Rockets end 4 game losing streak. Enter today’s game, Budinger in the first 3 minutes and 12 seconds on stage and extend their state.


The best place in sub-section 9 minutes 37 seconds, Budinger devoted audience a shock goal in mind, when the ball is sent Trevor Ariza, Budinger ball after leaping in the air escaped Blair The cover, a note to pound the Spurs basket dunks, shocking the audience, full finish.

Although the rocket has been in a backward situation, but Budinger has been no decline in the state, sub-section 3 minutes 08 seconds, is Budinger shot an arrow at the outside, shoot the net nest, three re-recorded. This is the Budinger the game’s first 5 shots, surprisingly, he was actually the first 5 shots all hit, including two three-pointers. Until the first half drawing to a close before, Budinger’s shot finally not in the first half he was 5-6, scored 12 points.

Of course, Budinger also sent off brilliant performance, Section 6 minutes 54 seconds, the rocket Rendui Jefferson Sharu among the setbacks, Budinger will kill out of anger to cover the ball down either dunks or blocks, are white trapeze figure. Unfortunately the end, the Rockets still could not escape defeat, ultimately they lost 102 games than the 119.

The whole game, Budinger 5-8, 12 points, 3 rebounds and 1 assists. The first half, Budinger state very brave, the first 5 shots all hit, but unfortunately the state of his slump in the second half, missed three shots behind.


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