Bryant 28 points two to tango Hawks at home three consecutive year beat the Lakers

Los Angeles Lakers (54 wins 21 negative) impact on the goal of 60 wins once again been hit hard. Although Bryant had a game-high 28 points, but he no choice other teammates in the doldrums, the team’s defense has remained poor, Johnson had 25 points, he led six other Atlanta Hawks (48 wins 26) players scored in double figures, they 109-92 Tongzai home to the defending champion, the Hawks won two in a row, they won nine straight at home, and this is their third consecutive home win over the Lakers, the Lakers lost two straight.

Bryant suffered siege attack from both sides

Hawks in the first half, Smith scored 10 points, 5 rebounds and 4 assists, and Bibby scored 10 points, Johnson scored nine points and Pachulia get 7 points and 8 rebounds; Los Angeles Lakers Kobe Bryant 15 by 9-in 20 points, Artest had 9 points and Pau Gasol had seven points.

The two sides after the beginning of the turn up in the third quarter points, Kobe Bryant made two free throws to close the gap by one after nine minutes, Horford hit two jumpers, Johnson also hit three points, leading the Hawks to 71-55. Farmar hit 3 short-lived, small peak 5-2 Hawks retaliate, they are still 16 points ahead. Pau Gasol and Jordan Farmar both made two free throws, Evans hit a jumper, Pachulia Bulan succeeded, leading the Hawks to 80-64 end of third quarter.

Farmar after the start of the fourth quarter with two 3 points, Pau Gasol also free throws, the Lakers team will chase the score 73-85. Johnson stood up with 5 points, allowing the Hawks to 92-75 lead with 17 points. Farmar and Odom hit 3 points, respectively, the Lakers once again narrowed the gap to 12 points, can their defense still porous, Horford dunk, Evans 3 points in the Hawks lead to 100-84. Bryant hit three points, Johnson answered with a 3, 2 minutes and 40 seconds before the whistle when the Hawks leading 16 points against the Lakers give up Kobe and so replaced the main force, they lost the final to 92-109.

Lakers lineup: Fisher, Kobe Bryant, Ron Artest, Lamar Odom, Pau Gasol

Hawks starting lineup: Bibby, Johnson, Williams, Smith, Horford


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