A Lian show shocking aerial bombardment He let Stoudemire to concede defeat in front of strong rival

Yi encounter wild animals when All-Star Stoudemire, if you think he is cast as the recipe, then you are wrong. New Jersey home in today’s game with the sun in almost every Festival Yi blasting a record button, the performance of more than Stoudemire Stoudemire, almost monopolized the field all shocking wonderful lens. Even the basket stood Stoudemire, Yi Jianlian is no fear of color, single-arm But I will do it, dunk machine as the embodiment of the general, the full interpretation of what is shocking! Unfortunately, no light there is wonderful goal in exchange for the team victory, the Nets finally 105-116 negative reading, not able to continue to enjoy the joy of victory. Yi Jianlian had 11 individual points (5-13 free throw 1 of 1), 6 rebounds, 1 blocks. It is worth mentioning that his four offensive rebounds before the time in March in the United States is also a new high!

A Lian PK Stoudemire

After opening, the Nets feel bad, not in the shot Lee, then Yi received several shots from two of his shots felt pretty good, unfortunately basket ball bombs out. The side of the sun the head start, but soon, Yi opportunity came around again, Harris shot fast break, but not in the basket at this time stood Stoudemire, Collins two long, but Yi is unafraid, He killed them grabbed offensive rebounds, then was nearly destroyed by the defense, Yi-adjusted direct dial to the sky, a rare one-handed dunk! Very domineering!

Nets off the bench who performed well in the field, the two sides remain divided difference is quite close. 7 minutes 33 seconds, and Yi Jianlian battle again as soon as he had the opportunity in the attack, received a sub-ball Turin, Yi basket very beautiful small hook turned the ball firmly into the basket! After the sun into the doldrums, New Jersey to strengthen the defensive side, a row of pot sent to humiliate the other side can not score.

Into the second half, both sides of the fight more intense, the Nets appear offensive misfiring, but the sun was mad chase points, soon overtake the score. Yi De Qiuhou prepared to impose a jumper in the distance, did not expect Richardson popped up a hot pot has a cover of the first half, Yi Qiu. Intensity of this game under the Yi was totally excited out about child anger drive with an 8 minutes 23 seconds when the storm Stoudemire, the Yi will direct him to meet her and a pull-down, and a look the firm does not matter foul look.

After a moment, Yi himself get shots, but again not in the cast, and today the whole game less than his shooting, always cut points for him. Nets launched last Kuanggong, helplessness score too far, but time is not enough, double-digit points difference of half a minute of time is almost impossible to catch up. The final 105-116, disputed loss to the Nets home with regret.


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