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Carter 19 points ed five people magic beat Charlotte again score 2-0

NBA playoffs first round matches continue, Magic and Charlotte’s first two field trials of strength continue to be in Orlando, the Magic finally start with five scores on the overall performance of the 92-77 double triumph, with a total score of 2-0.

Carter voted for this war 10 5, 9, 11 free throws, get the highest score of 19 points magic; Dwight – Howard 5 10 shooting, free throws 12 5, 15 points 9 rebounds, and 2 steals 2 blocks 2 assists But mistakes 6. Charlotte area, Stephen – Jackson had 27 points, Gerald – Wallace, 6 rebounds and 4 blocks in 15 minutes.


Bobcats comeback magic distal end with triumph

Bobcats did not give up chase into distal anterior Chandler dunk 60-75. In Lewis, Pietrus hit after another long shot for the Magic, the Bobcats in the middle of another form distal chase – 2 penalty is not in Howard and Lewis connected with the offensive foul, magic score 3 minutes appears spared from war shortage, the Bobcats from Jackson Even in the long shot into the lead, to Wallace in the distal 3 minutes 16 seconds layup cut points, chasing points to 75-83.

This Hou Kate cast magic scoring drought ended. Before the end of a game and a half minutes, Nelson Chong basket three-point play after the final magic seal the victory 88-75. Magic 92-77 final triumph.


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Inter-core cold-shouldered sarcasm Real Madrid: witn Arjen Robben reunion in Champions League Final


Recently, the mainstream media in Europe, in the Chinese regional forum, there has been such a story. Last summer, Real Madrid off Robben, Sneijder two, the two have together pledged to the move, the team led by their rendezvous at the Bernabeu for the Champions League final, in this way to tell the world Real Madrid abandon the practice of how stupid they are. This story is true?

Before a news conference, a reporter asked the question: “I dream about the Champions League final against Bayern Munich, Inter Milan is. If so, you and Arjen Robben will be what to say to each other?” Sneijder laughed, he replied: “I’ve been dreaming of the Champions League final, but Inter Milan against Real Madrid.”

It is worth mentioning that, recently, Italian, German media are hot: If Inter (Bayern) to win the Champions League, the Dutch team’s performance at the World Cup even better than Argentina, so Sneijder (Robben ) may from Macy hands away this year’s Golden Globes. For these discussions, Sneijder, Robben chose a low profile. Sneijder said: “I am Bi Meixi strong? I laughed, I do not think anyone can be compared and Messi! He is today the best football player. Inter Milan player did not like Messi, we only have a strong overall . “Robben said:” Messi is the world’s best player, he was much stronger than me. the world, there are other great players, such as C Lo, but Messi second to none. only he can achieve that level … … ”

Although Sneijder and Robben are very low key, but obviously, in their mind’s ambition would not be any change.

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40 +8 +8 James distal explosion Cavaliers total score 2-0 Bulls

NBA playoffs continue, in the Knight series with the Bulls in the second game, with LeBron – James outstanding performance in the fourth quarter, Cavaliers to 112-102 victory over the Bulls finally, made the big score 2 – 0 lead.

Four Knights scored in double figures, James scored 15 points in the fourth quarter, finished with 40 points, 8 rebounds and 8 assists. Antoine – Jamison had 14 points, Mo – Williams had 12 points and 6 assists, Jiamaliao – Moon had 12 points, Shaquille O’Neal – O’Neal played only 15 minutes, 8 points and 7 rebounds .


Section Bulls to change tactics, Noara to the high pick and rolls to Ross, this tactic very well contain the Knights of the interior defense. NOAA to complete this section of the opening three-point play, tied the score overtake the Bulls to 53-52. Game into a stalemate, then once the Bulls will be widened to 3 points in this section, 4 minutes and 20 seconds left, Deng hit two-thirds outside, they still maintain a 70-69 lead.

James scored twice after 5 minutes or basket, but Gibson scored with a fine cast with 5 points, the NOAA has used Trying to score quickly after the Bulls 77-74 ahead another 3 minutes. However, in this section, 2 minutes and 12 seconds in 1 minute without the Bulls, James assists West jumper, last-minute penalty for a ball Ilgauskas, Cavaliers at the end of this section will recovery into the 77 level the score.

Knight obviously do not want to lose at home, opening the fourth quarter before West assists Jamison scored, and then they completed their three-point play, Knight served five minutes to score opened. But the Bulls did not collapse, 7 minutes left in the game, the NOAA-oop dunks and succeeded, in turn Bulls chasing the score 86-87. Knight replaced altogether Ilgauskas to play small lineup, with a fine cast with James scored nine points in the game 2 minutes 57 seconds left, the Knights successfully opened the score to 103-93. Bulls again failed to pose a threat to the end they lost to Cleveland 102-112.

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A Lian 23 points 15 boards as futile Heat two-overtime win over Miami in eastern top fifth

Miami Heat (47 wins, 35 losses) with a tough victory in locking position in eastern fifth seed. Although the lack of Wade and Shaquille O’Neal, Beasley to come forward and get 25 points and 13 rebounds, the Heat’s bench 10-2 in the second overtime play a small peak, which makes them at home after two to 94-86 overtime victory over the New Jersey Nets (12 wins 70 losses), the Heat have won three straight, they ranked the fifth-seeded East, they will be against the Celtics first round, the Nets ended a three-game losing streak season, United Arab 23 points and 15 rebounds to become futile.

Miami arrangements Wade, Shaquille O’Neal and Udonis Haslem sidelined, the Nets are playing the main force to make severance. Beasley took the lead after the opening jumper, United Arab hit two jumpers, a 8-0 New Jersey lead the attack wave to 6 points. Richardson Glenealy 5, Beasley made two free throws, the Heat overtake 1 minute, United Arab cast succeeded, the first section there are 5 minutes and 35 seconds, leading the Nets to 10-9. Jones retaliate 3, Arroyo layup, the Heat to 14-10 overtake. New Jersey tied the score Glenealy 4, Beasley hit a jumper, leading the Heat to 16-14. Lopez made two free throws to tie the game again, Randolph and Wright hit a jumper, respectively, Lopez and Williams each have two points, first the Harding Park section of two 20-level shake hands.

Heat’s Beasley scored 10 first half points and 6 rebounds, 7 points Wright; Nets Harris and Lopez each scored 10 points, shot 3 United Arab 7 are 9 points and 6 rebounds .

Lee hit a jumper start III, Miami Glenealy 4, United Arab fight back a dozen 3 attack, 3 points behind the Nets to 43-46. Beasley hit two jump shots, he hit a 6-0 Lvdui small climax, this section there are 5 minutes and 40 seconds, leading the Heat to 52-43 nine minutes. Lee hit three points, Lopez made two free throws, the Nets once the gap to four points, Jones scored five points and Chalmers also hit three points, they Shuaidui to 12-3 this section, the end of the small peak competition, the Heat to 64-51 lead after three quarters.

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Lakers farewell beat Kings without Bryant Evans were expelled

Lakers vs. Sacramento Kings, this is their final home this season, Bryant missed selection, it is already flying Xia 8th season absence, the Lakers to 106-100 win over the ultimate enemy, but they are also home record this season, this set grid 7 wins in 34 negative, and thus and Denver tied for first Western.

Lakers side 28 points 8 rebounds Gasol, Shannon Brown – 24 points, Lamar Odom 5 points, 10 rebounds 4 assists; king side face expulsion Evans scored 10 points 3 assists, 19 points, 16 Thompson rebounds, 5 assists, Youde Li 21 points and 11 assists, 10 points, Carl.

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Rockets discard McGrady Season has been a success, Martin May just passer

The regular season about to pull down the curtain, the Rockets finally after a whole year in the battle was still a step away from the playoffs poor. If we push back the time, but at the beginning of the season, how many people could have predicted this team can achieve results such as this does. Throughout the year, the Rockets have actually been in a reconstruction of the transition phase, although they failed to make the playoffs, but overall they are still successful, the biggest thing is to get rid of the success of the Tracy McGrady burden, the introduction of a suitable other players.

Martin is clearly among the most well-known players, from the current point of view, he is also a good fit in Houston next year and should continue to stay in the team. But his arrival brings a kind of amazing do not feel old teacher in Adelman’s men, he is more like a scripted role players. Reference to the 1994 and 1995, the Rockets won two championships at Howard, the team will compare the two periods, today’s rockets are completely impossible in depth compared with the previous. Yao Ming, center position frequently injured, the other position players still need running. Martin has merged with the team quickly, but he was not a champion team last piece of puzzle.

Yao came back down season, the Rockets still need further run-in with the tactics inside and outside, which with the Athletics this season is completely different dynamic style, the team also needs to make efforts.

In short, the rocket after the transition this season, currently have some strength, Yao Ming’s return will add some strength for the team, but only need to adapt to his teammates, he also needs to adapt to the ball team. Fortunately, summer is about to come, Morey also can go to the free market and the NBA Draft were born, maybe then there will be a good complement of personnel.

Rockets have appeared throughout the last half is very vibrant, the period until the All-Star break, they still have a winning record of 27 wins more than half of the negative record of 24, now in the regular season only two cases, they have won 39 of the 41 negative good results. If the results change to the east, they already qualify as eligible for the playoffs.

Yao missed, where Artest gone to the Lakers, the Rockets this season, too magnificent not to set ourselves the goal, only to re-planning the next team in the staff structure to better prepare for next season. The presence of Tracy McGrady will inevitably add to the obstacles to this plan, Fortunately, the rocket successfully its trading to the New York Knicks, and derive the corresponding right players.

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Old cap king hard to escape Yi-style hot pot, shaking leap where is A Lian’s limit

New Jersey Nets edged 95-105 sits Charlotte Bobcats Arena. The campaign Yi Jianlian to the home fans give a satisfactory, he scored 6 for 8 in 14 points, in addition to 10 rebounds 3 blocks 1 assists. It is worth mentioning that the outstanding features of today’s Yi Jianlian jumping into full play, he not only beautiful blocks sent, with up to three offensive rebounds Bulan after the success of these on to see what he has excellent impressive:

Lens 1: singled blocked shots unafraid, easy to demonstrate cooking space foundation

Recently several skill United Arab pot known for, today blocked shots against the old Ratliff is a good chance to test. Section 2 minutes and 36 seconds there is competition, the United Arab dislocation defense Ratliff, his long-awaited opportunity finally arrived. Ratliff has been accounted for at this time was cheap, and saw him turn around and force the ball to the basket after Kaozhu crowding, but also many Arab Union in the summer a lot of muscle, the old blocks and then the king can not move forward with all its move one point.

Scene two: the classic space easily sending pot, jumping a great shame befell the man when

Some people may say, the United Arab seal Guerra, Leaf is bullying the elderly, then what the young Tyrus Thomas? But enjoy it, “Jumping Man” Violence deduction will be known. Second period began, the first section of the game played in the United Arab remain in the field, then he needs to come off the bench to meet Thomas. Competition this section and 9 minutes and 20 seconds, Thomas left the ball outside preparing to attack, the United Arab does not pull out in time to the opponents easy shots, but the former Bulls Titans simply do not mean jump shot, he suddenly saw the focus on reducing and rushed towards the ring.

Lens 3: Quick follow-up Bulan in, he was at a loss for the Bobcats basket

Midfielder back to the Nets started fighting back, though still not much the United Arab offensive opportunities, but still are active in the field, Section 8 minutes 04 seconds there, he was the team through a Bulan meritorious deeds. Hughes was the trip Bobcats missed a jumper, Williams got the rebound after the train killed a former field, the Nets have such a scourge as the team crossed together. Lee left after high-speed plug in the sub-Williams received the ball, but after the extraordinary challenges in his basket but the bottom line brush the ring.

Lens 4: Space easily leaps higher test than the day he turned one stirring inside Bobcats

Is Bulan, III have 3 minutes 16 seconds, leap up restricted areas in the United Arab anger fly it hands the ball box, this time in terms of importance for ornamental or are better than the first time Bulan. New Jersey has been poor at that time will be reduced to only 1 minute, Harris holding the ball outside to prepare their attack, the teammates who go after blocking his shot directly in the left third of forced jump. As we all know, Harris is a great outside shooting short board, this pop-up basket ball shot the ball well after the high, but the Nets fans sighed with regret on the occasion, but fly out of Charlotte closed a white film, this is not the first New Jersey license Luo Lopez, but from China’s space easily, I just saw him in the crowd as Shenbingtianxiang, direct anger fly it hands the ball basket, if it is under the long body too many people, this ball will be the United Arab to a hanging frame, let Charlotte take a look at the Nets jumping captains mighty men.

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