Rooney scored Franck Ribery tied, Olic added-on time Wonderful attack Bayern win Manchester

Bayern and Manchester United in the Champions League a total of grips 7, Bayern to 2 wins 1 loss 4 upper hand Bayern the only place a losing Champions League final in 1999, it was a case of dramatic market competition ten years. Bayern at home against Manchester United 1 wins, 2 to maintain unbeaten, throwing the ball into 4 balls 5. Manchester United Rio Ferdinand and Wayne Rooney in this field returned from injury, basic to the strongest line-up attack, while Bayern lack of Robben, Van Gaal more conservative today, so Gomez and Klose all sitting on the bench.

Olic added-on time wonderful attack Manchester

The first 2 minutes, Nani out a free kick near the right corner, the ball rub wall and changed lines, unguarded Rooney six yards at left foot Dianshe break, Manchester United 1-0. The first 3 minutes, large long-range have been Fletcher al TOP vine he denied. The first 6 minutes, Park Ji-sung pass, he missed long-range Scholes plug. The first 11 minutes, Vidic restricted online siege direct kick to the opponent, but the Al Goto Top and Olic hit the wall with the kick did not play well.

The first 13 minutes, Muller out on the right corner, 5 yards at the last point Demichelis header from the center top side. The first 16 minutes, Zhise Scholes, Wayne Rooney 12 yards left rib cage opened at Akira right foot shot after defender Van Buyten was he denied. Fletcher then passing, Nani drove into the lane 12 yards at the bottom right corner Di She left foot he missed a little. The first 21 minutes, Franck Ribery breaking ball 22 yards at Di She left foot, the ball flew at Edwin van der Sar.

90 minutes pass in the right-sided Lahm, Bayern in the last two have not met the ball. 91 minutes, Klose pass, Gomez Youlei eight yards out after Vidic Department right-foot strike, Edwin van der Sar saved with one hand. The first 92 minutes, Gomez breakthrough blocked, Olic from behind Evra plug steals the lower right corner from 12 yards broke his left foot relevant statistic procedures, Bayern 2-1, Olic received a yellow card strip to celebrate. 93 minutes in the goal process, Gomez and Wayne Rooney have collision, Rooney was played directly Chan Fu. Bayern won the final 2-1.

Bayern (442): 22 – Butt / 21 – Ram, 5 – Van Buyten, 6 – Demichelis, 28 – Bell / 8 – Big Al Goto Top (86’18-g Lauzet), 17 – Mark van Bommel, 23 – Planic (88’44-quarter Moshenqiuke), 7 – Franck Ribery / 11 – Olic, 25 – Muller (73’33-y gomez Williams)

Manchester United (451): 1 – Edwin van der Sar / 2 – Neville, 5 – Rio Ferdinand, 15 – Nemanja Vidic, 3 – Evra / 17 – Nani (82’11-Giggs), 16 – Cary g (70’25-Valencia), 18 – Paul Scholes, 24 – Fletcher, 13 – Park Ji-Sung (70’9-Berbatov) / 10 – Wayne Rooney


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