Rooney at the end sprained ankle accident although gains but fear of missing match in South Africa

As early as the Manchester United Rooney Shoukaijilu again, maybe everyone thought that the exhibition will again be chubby, but 90 minutes later, it was Bayern defending home glory. This is Wayne Rooney to Manchester United this season, played in 40 games, he also tied for individuals 34 goals in a European striker Lionel Messi, but they can not change the bitter end defeated Allianz. Towards the end of his race when the ankle sprain, leaving the World Cup in South Africa itself cast a shadow over the prospects.

Rooney was injured in the final stage

Rooney injured fell to the ground

crowded in behind him, fearing foul and slam the brakes of Wayne Rooney, but so Wei hurt his right ankle, the painful expression on lying site. Olic after the completion of lore in the game immediately ends, Rooney also had leading scorer in the staff leave, their suffering and depressed expression, evoking the 2004 European Cup with Portugal after World War I retire hurt scene.

After the game the first time, the British “Daily Mail” on for Wayne Rooney’s injury was tracking reports, and the title is sensational, “Wayne Rooney injured his ankle pain struggling Manchester United striker’s World Cup future in doubt.” Manchester United boss Sir Alex Ferguson after the match news conference, also expressed concern about Rooney injury. After all, the game’s ankle injury, coupled with the British media be exposed before the “knee surgery” hearsay, really Wayne Rooney’s World Cup prospects to slightly cloudy. Four years ago, Rooney has successfully overcome the metatarsal injury in the Germany World Cup stadium in South Africa two months later, hopefully, he should not miss … …


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