Lisandro two goal Xiao Gu assists ball in vain, Lyon at home 3-1 win Bordeaux

09-10 season Champions League 1 / 4 final first leg, whether in the heat Ireland Stadium, Lyon beat Bordeaux 3-1 at home. Lyon, Lisandro scored two goals, Bastos also break, Mark was away in Bordeaux Charles scored the only goal. Round 2 teams will be April 7 at home to Bordeaux.

Lisandro scored twice

Start of the race, from Lyon, the first tee. 6 minutes, Gu Fulang restricted online chest will stop a long pass to Charles Mark, check mark the formation of single-pole, but Gufu Lang was sentenced earlier handball. 10 minutes, Sissoko, after a long pass in the circle, Ziani Disembarrassing small errors in the restricted area not kicked, Bodemeier restricted the right Mass in front of his left foot Dianshe Lisandro break! Lyon Bordeaux 1-0 lead. (Click to view the score playback)

Just 4 minutes later, Gourcuff had right-sided buckle under the bottom of Chanqiang biography Tula Lang, Charles Mark Little closed online beat Chris a header Leipzig ball bounced to fly into the goal! Bordeaux to tie it at 1-1. (Click to view the score playback) This is the check mark in the Champions League this season’s first four goals. The first 19 minutes, Gourcuff in the ring before the Zhisai, Wendell did not start to get slower, single-pole missed opportunity. After 1 minute, Delgado missed outside the area relevant statistic procedures.

The first 25 minutes, Delgado then Houchangchangzhuan straight to the point, the face of attack in the restricted area of the arc foot relevant statistic procedures Casola who actually hit the Casola pop! Bordeaux immediately fired back, 26 minutes pass by winger Wendell take advantage of the situation in the restricted area on the left to play is not relevant statistic procedures, Gu Fulang body in front of the back heel of a block, Loris care flying leaps out of the ball with one hand .

After 1 minute, Gourcuff restricted area of the chest, stopping to the right side of Wendell, Wendell left foot volley hit the crossbar pop-up! 76 minutes, Sissoko restricted left corner volley hit the hands of the pop-up inside the restricted area Xia Ermei bottom line, the main referee Brich a penalty! Lisandro kick right foot Tuishe lower right corner of the goal to break! Lyon 3-1 Bordeaux!


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