Yao Ming may destroy Morey’s fame, a giant’s decision could fix rocket ‘s future

This time, Darrell – Morey of the headache.

Fagan: labor negotiations will not lead you out of contract this summer?

Yao Ming: No talk, can not be determined, we have not started to discuss this issue, so I’m not sure. First of all, we decided I needed Zouna a way, I have to talk with my agent. If you ask my broker, he will say, “I must ask Yao, we will talk about the talk.”

A question and answer, and perhaps make Morey scratching their heads.

If there is no out of the contract, Yao Ming next season’s salary close to 18 million, a rocket this summer to reach 58 million payroll, more than ironclad salary cap, still no “smoking star” of space. But with Yao Ming and Martin, together with the role of a good lineup, Morey can demonstrate “Xixingtaifa” through “sign-and” approach, to get a star player.

“First sign-change of the” fail, Yao Ming, Martin led the team also has a certain competitive edge (although difficult to achieve a champion level). Until the summer of 2011, Yao contract expires, Morey next season according to Yao Ming’s performance and decide what kind of price and extend his contract. Contract not be successful, the rocket will also be enough salary-cap space. Moreover, Mingxia new collective bargaining agreement, but also to get him too difficult to obtain a contract, even though he was back to health.

So, as long as Yao Ming out of the contract, Morey had no good days, and it seems any of the options are faced with great risks. Yao Ming did not say definitely out of contract, but an “uncertain”, enough to Morey scalp numb.

This is a pregnant, “a master of stunts, which is a Huiyanshizhu of Bole. Scola, Landry, Ron Artest, small cloth or even Bading Ge, are Morey as an NBA general manager of a masterpiece.

But now, he met the manager of his career, the biggest one threshold children. As the feet of that Road, minor cracks, changed all kinds of Yao’s scheme.


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