Buckley predicted Cleveland must win, loss of Trevor Ariza Lakers difficult to accomplish great business

Summon wind and rain in NBA Charles Barkley – TNT is now a well-known television commentator, he was with the same partner for the former NBA player Kenny – Smith is always in the nationally televised game appearance, and the subject of ridicule ridicule gag sky. In the last week, two network television programs, and Buckley mouth one, claiming that they think this season’s overall champion is none other than the non-Cleveland Cavaliers.

He was the reason given: “I think that Knight is this year’s Big Brother, who is not that team last year, they had Shaquille O’Neal, Antawn Jamison, they are not the same. I thought I would never will choose other than the Lakers team, but now, I have chosen. ”

Smith in the side of the echo: “The Lakers are the branches have been spoiled team, their fans too, they have been unwilling to face their own reality of it than Cleveland, also had been asking ‘how do people in our Los Angeles Lakers?? ‘they are a bit spoiled, although their strength is very strong. ”

Barkley said: “The Lakers missing something, they really miss Trevor – Trevor Ariza, although no one would admit this. I like Ron Artest, but he played the Lakers is not good. They would miss Trevor Ariza, and last year he played in the playoffs how wonderful! ”

Summon wind and rain in NBA Charles Barkley – TNT is now a well-known television commentator, he played this season, Ariza is not good, only 38.9% shooting from three-point shooting to 32.5%. However, last year, he also wears jersey Zijin in 23 playoff games played, he’s shooting 49.7% from three-point shooting is as high as 47.6% (84 voted 40 in). To provide a stable for the Lakers perimeter firepower, and the tough defense.

Barkley reason that the Lakers will be very “miss,” Trevor Ariza, probably also due to Trevor Ariza in the playoffs last season’s performance is too good, but Ron Artest with the Lakers, after all, running-time for less than a season, the performance of the ups and downs, JI After the race is off the mark. If the Lakers the Western Conference finals last season on Denver’s insurance status of a repeat, not a skilled artist Thief Trevor Ariza, the Lakers how to escape?


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