Roma showdown Inter Milan Detonate the fans passion, 70000 tickets sold out within one day

Serie A this weekend will mark the peak of a duel between the top two standings Inter Milan and Rome will be at the Olympic Stadium showdown. This focus has completely set off World War fans passion, 70000 tickets sold out within a day.

Rome’s Olympic Stadium has more than 80,000 seats. In response to this confrontation between the peak of the staff prepared more than 70,000 tickets. As previously expected, the Italian capital of fans showing unprecedented enthusiasm for the game. “All the market,” said 7 million copies in just one day tickets sold out within. The game will be March 27 local time to 18:00 pm, there will be a lot of fans watch the games live. Expected, there are still more than 6,000 blue-black fans travel with the team expedition.

However, the strong-strong dialogue in the fans still have a very high influence. Take the recent Roma home game with AC Milan, there are 72968 fans watching the scene, close to twice the regular screenings, the Olympic Stadium were full. However, the final two 0-0 to shake hands, the scene was somewhat like watching the fans unhappiness. Rome over the weekend due to a direct dialogue with the Inter Milan is likely to decide Serie A championship this season, a large number of fans poured into court again, and look forward to a showdown peak.


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