Getafe killer Scissor Foot nearly stripped in Casey, the whole Spain worry about him

Although the media had a “threat” Casillas said if he was walking again in the court of God, Buddha would certainly introduce an excellent goalkeeper to compete with him, and even take him up for sale. But tonight, he let all the Real people are once again realized the importance of his.

Round game, Sneijder, and the two core Milito missed Mourinho to make appropriate order to preserve the physical rotation, is only half of the main play for Inter, but it is that they play pretty Canzhen attack the multi-Inter unsuccessful attempts of the 433 attacks on Heavy Showers are miraculous harvest, more valuable, the return to Easter Road can be said of Eto’o. Ned stayed Milituosi injury and others, such as a seat Samuel Lucio return to the main rotation, Inter are able to prepare multiple sets of team play the next schedule, even third-line combat, Inter’s response did not a big problem.

In contrast Milan, the Rossoneri’s Mingmen entirely on one man, Cristiano Ronaldo, the team lacks sufficient depth of field, while the commander of the formations Lay too rigid and stylized, this round of matches Ronaldinho slump, Milan final in exchange for Juesha been the fate of a data revealed that Ronaldinho did not score this season as long as the game assists, Milan will be difficult to taste a win in the champion, the critical period, the practice of betting on a person’s nature is too risky, if Ronaldinho weak , this Milan team went so far not been able to stand alone Tiaotai Liang player. This is compared to city rivals Inter Milan, Milan should be a lot less.

From the race point of view, Milan is also the most difficult, the future of eight games, they need to face Juventus, Fiorentina, Sampdoria, Palermo a few pieces of crack can be described as every game fighting hard, but to the morale of Milan now and strength, not a small degree of difficulty in order to win.

This weekend, Inter Milan will be a positive competition will begin in Rome, which for the Milan is a dangerous signal to the news than the most favorable draw the two sides, so that if Milan win points if the gap can be narrowed to two points; Once in Rome, Inter Milan any party to win is not good news for Milan, but also with Milan, which shares the current gas, you want to win any one of opponents are not easy, this weekend’s rivals Lazio is currently hovering in the relegation zone, will naturally be full for the relegation battle, surface the difficult schedule in the future face of the core squad players too strong dependence of Milan in fact hopeless situation.

This is compared to city rivals Inter Milan, Milan should be a lot less.


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