Former Inter Milan star incentives encourage team wins double crown, praise Mourinho impeccable

Serie A Inter Milan 30 Roma have three points to take the whole, AC Milan, Parma, who in the gutter shipwreck, this way, this weekend, the first 31 Inter direct dialogue with Rome, has become so vested in this season champions of the most critical battles.

“Inter News Network” In the weeks specifically invited to the former Italian international Di Biagio match against Inter Milan and Rome look ahead, Di Biagio, respectively in these two teams played four seasons, which he very appropriate to express their views.

Di Biagio said: “I have spent in Rome and Inter Milan had a very memorable 4 years, to be honest I predicted results of the competition, for me it really is not an easy thing. But in the current situation, I still Inter is more bullish. ”

“When the Inter this season, after the introduction of a few superstars, the team’s strength of Mourinho to elevate to the next level, so we can see the goal at a crucial moment of Eto’o, omnipotent Zanetti , rock-solid Lucio and Samuel, the vast majority of Inter Milan player, in this season are the perfect play. “


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