Serie A hegemony Milan hopeless situation, Inter Milan Roma showdown fight for championship

“Rome sports daily,” before the bold prediction in the current round, which will be indirectly determines the championship of a league competition: round three strong opponents were not strong enough, three minutes is a must win, and if any team appear ball dropped, such as Inter Milan, once numerous round is likely to surrender top position, such as Milan, if the round is likely to give up numerous second place, and then Rome, for example, if the numerous threatening to withdraw from this league championship. Unfortunately, the three kinds of conjecture in the second true, and Milan surrendered the championship in second place, while the venue and the situation from the future point of view, the hope of winning has become even more remote.

Milan alarm not only from their own, but also from the terrible two major competitors. The first is Inter, from a subjective point of view, the Nerazzurri squad depth and diversity of play routines, these two points as far away as Milan is now on.

Today, Rome is undoubtedly the most stable Serie A status maintained, the state’s most outstanding player, as Tony’s return, short-term shortage of strikers who have also been filled, from the race point of view, Rome is also the most relaxed, the EU Cup were eliminated, Roman major league experience will be placed in the next 8 league, Rome, Inter Milan is also the one remaining strong opponent, and Bari, Cagliari, Atlanta and his ilk obviously difficult to stop them from forging ahead, we can say , Red Wolf Corps is strong at the final stage of the three Serie A league schedule of the most easy one, which is to ensure that they continue to advance advantage.

From the race point of view, Milan is also the most difficult, the future of eight games, they need to face Juventus, Fiorentina, Sampdoria, Palermo a few pieces of crack can be described as every game fighting hard, but to the morale of Milan now and strength, not a small degree of difficulty in order to win.

This weekend, Inter Milan will be a positive competition will begin in Rome, which for the Milan is a dangerous signal to the news than the most favorable draw the two sides, so that if Milan win points if the gap can be narrowed to two points; Once in Rome, Inter Milan any party to win is not good news for Milan, but also with Milan, which shares the current gas, you want to win any one of opponents are not easy, this weekend’s rivals Lazio is currently hovering in the relegation zone, will naturally be full for the relegation battle, surface the difficult schedule in the future face of the core squad players too strong dependence of Milan in fact hopeless situation.


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