Inter Milan vs. Livorno, reborn fighter worth far more than 16 million

Inter Milan vs. Livorno, Meazza fans saw a familiar figure appeared in the team’s starter. Romanian defender Chivu After bidding farewell to two and a half years course back down the field. The recent shorthanded, Inter Milan close race, the main left back in a timely comeback for the team is a great encouragement.

Chivu become “Motorcycle fighters”

However, Chivu a good recovery, “Rome sports daily,” Chivu previously optimistic forecasts early in the April 3 return match against Bologna, but the recovery of the country Mihou Wei is still beyond the expectations of many people.

The game was not selected for the squad because of injury Thornton, the media is generally anticipated that the old captain Javier Zanetti will continue to guest left-back, but Mourinho is also a bold choice to let the Romanian defender started wearing helmets.

Young fame Chivu 20 years of age to play Ajax and Romania, double the national team captain, but, like many geniuses, injury is a worry to his enemy. The beginning of this season, Chivu has been firmly occupy the main Inter left back position, before the game on behalf of Inter’s 19 games in 17 starts last season, was successful largely teenager Thornton once relegated to the bench or even pass were sold out of the news. Romanians were injured, the blue-black regiment of the left hand side is also a vacuum, captain Zanetti once in this position, but letting Mourinho in the use of midfielder stretched.

Chivu back in time for the upcoming race devil Inter Milan is a major positive. Zanetti could return to the midfield, while Inter has also been one of the left hand side of the main players can be trusted to guard the functional side, the versatile defender Chivu as well as the characteristics of lumbar let Mourinho in the formations have more choices.

The second half, the first 32 minutes, Chivu has been substituted Samuel, Meazza stadium dedicated to the most enthusiastic applause from the blue-black fighter, while teammates off the bench and one by one, and the Romanians were also a high-five celebration. This is undoubtedly the performance of the blue-black fighters the best compliment in this field. Inter Milan beginning with the 16 million euros (13 million euros Jia Ande Andreoli half of the title) from the hands of Roman bought him, but a healthy Romanians far more than the worth.


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