Xiao Bu: McGrady did not return to peak condition, I was the key to Mr. Rocket

Recent rocket started three consecutive games away journey, while in the first game, the Rockets Tracy McGrady is the challenge where the New York Knicks, which is after the Rockets and Tracy McGrady in the transaction the first time fighting hand to hand. In the race day, it is more of a focus on the body of Tracy McGrady, the Rockets can not stop the efforts of the team, McGrady eventually unsuccessful revenge. And eventually become the core of the rocket attack on a small cloth at the last moment once again played a key role in 7 minutes 78 seconds, so the Rockets took the victory, he has become the key to Mr. Rockets.

Landry was back home, said: “They are like my brothers the same, even if I was not there they still are my good brother.” And not only failed to come to rockets McGrady locker room, in the passage where he is more more than yes and teammates whisper, no big joke, no loud talking, in addition to Hayes, and he had a longer chat, (Hayes is Tracy’s best friend in rocket time) were the other Rocket players and Tracy say hello to indicate the left in a hurry.

Appears in a small cloth, and former teammate Tracy McGrady Landry, and fighting hand to hand also left a different impression: “and the Knicks game we played well, we finally won in New York. Prior to Karl (Lan Delhi) played a great (great) game, while Tracy (McGrady) is also playing quite good (good), they are good. ”

After undergoing knee minimally invasive surgery, the small cloth think he still needs time to get back to his best: “I think he is slowly starting to find his state, he needs some time to become back to the original that T – Mac also need to try to restore, but he still played on a very good basketball game. Tracy’s recovery process takes time, and some experienced players like surgery or even take two years to be able to fully recover, I wish him well This will take some time. “


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