King Cantona return to Manchester United, together with Ferguson Dream to 18 years ago

In 1992, when he was called to the Manchester United Leeds United boss Wilkinson, Chairman Martin Edwards asked Elvin Maibu Mai left back. At that time, Edwards was a meeting with manager Alex Ferguson, both immediately agreed not to sell Irvine that the team needed but the introduction of striker David Hirst, Ledixieer and Dean failure Manchester United boss the opportunity to allow the President buy Cantona … … A few days later, 11 26, Ferguson was chatting up the shoulders of Cantona at Old Trafford debut, after the story has become history .

This monday and 18 years ago, Cantona,Ferguson

Manchester United 2-1 at home last Sunday reversed Liverpool match, “King” Back to the Old Trafford to watch the game. Cantona return is there any special reason, because the French people today are making a film, but Old Trafford is one of the sites location.

This week, the same scene re-present Manchester United’s Carrington training base. 18 years later, is still Manchester United boss Sir Alex, Eric Cantona has been the embodiment of movie star. However, in the period of 5 years Manchester United has won four times the Premiership, two FA Cup’s “King Eric” is still a Manchester United fans rank in Eph.


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