Expert: this summer Rocket still chase a Xiao Si , Yao Ming is expected to come back to win

Recently, “ring in the world,” columnist Bill Ingram an interactive online chat with fans, the ball on the fans are concerned about the rocket had to answer some questions.

Q: Since 2003, the rocket was my favorite team, do you think this summer they may also sign a big free agent do?

Ingram: If possible, I would like to see the advent of the small Sri Lanka, the reason is simple, because the Rockets need Yao to support a post player, especially when he was injured when. And the Rockets now look at this system, experts in the small Sri Lankan run and gun also fully able to adapt. Murray can also use the picks to select a center in the summer, but the city if the final closing of a little-known candidates little man, speed-type players, I would not be surprised, as Morey has always been a hunt for hidden treasures tradition.

Recently, “ring in the world,” columnist Bill Ingram an interactive online chat with fans, the ball, and asked: Do you think the Rockets next season to win the puzzle What is this?

Ingram: healthy Yao Ming. This is a priority. Martin and Brooks are a pair of remarkable combination of power forward Luis Scola in the league’s strength is also an excellent. Hill will be the next one Landry, Shane Battier, and Trevor Ariza is one of the best defender the league. Now everything is ready rocket was missing Yao Ming.

Q: Everyone says the next season when the Rockets need to add a center, do you think Yao Ming Qiaodanxier as the support of this idea do? Recently, he performed well.

Ingram: I like Hill, but I do not think he can be on the 5th bit too much time on expeditions. Rockets need to find another one this summer on the 5th place player, just in case. After all, Yao Ming in the NBA’s future is full of a lot of uncertainty.


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